This is a video of thousands of spiders hanging from telephone poles in Brazil, and it is the first thing I saw this morning, and I’m sorry but there is no way I was going to let myself suffer alone with it. What do you think the spiders are thinking? “Normal day,” probably? “Man, I’m hungry. Why is everybody scared of me? I’m just being myself.” Poor little nightmares. Happy Monday! #Grammys (Via TheIndependent.)

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  1. Great. Add “spider hail” to my list of phobias.

  2. Is it time to go back to bed? I want to go back to bed.

  3. The worst part of this is I can’t get that fucking “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt out of my head now. (LOLOLOL J/K! The worst part of it is getting the puke shivers from this video and then the bone deep fear that this is how it all ends. GOTCHA!!!)

    • Ooh, I’m walking into spiderwebs. Leave a message and I won’t call you back because I’m too busy crying and frantically brushing phantom spiders off my shoulders and out of my hair.

  4. I’m going to Brazil in March. If I see this shit, I’m turning right back around.

  5. I thought that the memory of seeing a two-year-old fist bump a baby yesterday would be able to get me through anything this week could throw at me. I was mistaken.

  6. I understand that Kelly posted this so we would all be scared with her and hide under our desks and maybe some of us would pee a little in our pants and then have to tie sweaters around our waists all days like, what is it, the 90′s or something?

    BUT, my only real thought watching this was- what a great camera and videographer! It seems like this person is far away, and yet check out that crisp zoom on individual spiders! The videographer also make sure to not only zoom is so yep, now we’re SURE we’re seeing spiders, but also takes the time to zoom out and pan so that we know its a freaking spider-pocalypse out there! Kudos on your spiderography sir/madame, kudos.

  7. In some places, they cut those giant webs down and use them as fishing nets. Not a job I want, I can tell you. I saw these when I was in Madagascar years ago and they scared the bejeezus out of me when I first spotted one. But, after a while, you get used to it. It’s the spiders’ world, you realize. We’re just here to crap our pants and stay out of their way.

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