You can see the fear in the grown up weatherman’s eyes. Your time’s almost up, old man! Better work on your entrance! (Via HyperVocal.)

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  1. Sounds like a shitty weekend to go to Cub Scout Winter Camp but a wonderful weekend in Duh-LOOOOTH!

    William, please let your Valentines’ Day plans be with me because I am smitten!

  2. I assume all those temperatures are in Celsius right?

    • See I thought so too because I just assume America is always hot, but then it said 29 and 30 degrees but with flurries, so they are Fahrenheit but just really low? You got it worse than us Canadese!

  3. I love this! I watched the whole thing, and I usually only watch 30 seconds of things.

  4. If the weatherman thing doesn’t work out he could definitely get a game show gig showing either vowels or brand new cars… His hand skills are impeccable.

  5. Martin Prince – Weather Kid.

  6. This kid reminds me a lot of a kid I know who also happens to be named William He is really smart and hilarious. The last time I saw him, he told me he was writing a movie called “SUPER SPY!..and the other guy.” He was going to be the super spy, and his brother was going to play the other guy, who is the bumbling sidekick. When he told me the title, he did an eye roll and thumb point like “can you believe this guy”. It really made my day. Keep being awesome, William(s)!

  7. I wish our area had a weather kid like this. His arm movements were poetry in motion.

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