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  • It’s NY Fashion Week, so here’s a supercut of Derek Zoolander watching a whole bunch of runway fails. -ClipNation
  • Do you think Myrtle Manor, TLC’s new ‘trailer park reality show’ set in Myrtle Beach, will be like Shag? (Probably not.) -Deadline
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  1. I really hope Lust for Life casts Swinton as Bowie. IT IS MEANT TO BE. I also hope that they include Klaus Nomi, because he is just the best.

  2. “Do any, uh, new friends feel like sharing couchspace?”

  3. Angela Lansbury stars in “Cuteness She Held” this Sunday night on CBS.

    • You ever seen The Trip? There is a deleted scene where they riff for ages on show titles for a British actor and when it is playing, and on what station.

  4. I know the photo’s cute, but those things are vicious, and will claw or bite your face off. I just pray that koala got out of there alive.

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