Kelly: Heyyyyyyyy, Gabe
Gabe: hey kelly
Gabe: hello
Gabe: hi, how are you?
Kelly: Tired
Kelly: Are you tired?
Gabe: always
Gabe: next question
Kelly: Ummm
Kelly: I didn’t really have another one planned
Kelly: Oh
Kelly: How are you?
Gabe: i’m ok
Gabe: next question
Kelly: Wow jeeze ok umm
Kelly: Are you excited for Community to come back tonight?
Gabe: not anymore
Kelly: Uh-oh.
Gabe: not since the NYT ripped it a new one

Gabe: apparently the new season has too many close ups
Gabe: so forget it
Gabe: why are they even going to air these episodes?
Gabe: if they’re just all close ups?
Kelly: ??? I don’t know, that sounds awful
Kelly: Also they say that it’s, like
Kelly: REALLY loud now?
Kelly: Loud close-ups
Gabe: the show used to be quiet for a show
Gabe: says the new york times
Gabe: which makes sense, oh for sure
Gabe: what a quiet show
Gabe: when i think of Community i think “pretty quiet actually”
Kelly: Right
Gabe: you’d be surprised!
Gabe: you’re probably thinking
Gabe: well, i’ve seen the show, and quiet is not even close to one of the words i would use to describe it
Gabe: but the joke is on you, that show was super quiet
Gabe: the new york times is a newspaper
Gabe: you idiot
Kelly: It’s funny how your memory can be so incorrect about things like that
Gabe: yes
Gabe: that is why whenever i watch a show
Gabe: i try and read a newspaper about it
Gabe: to let me know what i saw
Kelly: That’s very smart
Kelly: I have a lot to learn from you still
Gabe: are you playing a community drinking game tonight?
Gabe: just kidding
Gabe: drink every time something would mkae a GREAT animated GIF

Kelly: hahaha
Gabe: drink every time everyone is like, so mad at Britta
Kelly: Drink every time Troy and Abed.
Gabe: drink every time Troy and Abed
Gabe: hahahaha
Kelly: hahaha
Kelly: great
Gabe: good game
Gabe: well played
Gabe: how did people obsess over sitcoms as if they were important before twitter and tumblr?
Kelly: Got haircuts about them I guess
Gabe: hahahhahahha
Gabe: ugh
Gabe: you WOULD get the britta
Kelly: No doy I would get the Britta
Gabe: you’re such a britta
Kelly: You’re such a Pierce
Kelly: Hahahah
Kelly: “Please say Jeff please say Jeff”
Kelly: that was you just now
Gabe: you’re ridiculous
Gabe: i hope this attitude
Gabe: gets you extra bread
Gabe: on the bread line
Gabe: also who wants to be jeff?
Kelly: You would hope no one
Kelly: But I’m sure so many people
Gabe: right
Gabe: “God, I wish I was a self-involved disbarred lawyer forced to go to community college with a bunch of self-referential post-modern caricatures of sitcom tropes.” said some dude’s hairstyle
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: “I wish Troy was the only other character available for the girl characters to like in my life.”
Kelly: Do you think Dan Harmon is going to be watching tonight
Kelly: What will he think??
Kelly: ????
Gabe: he’ll probably be like

Kelly: hahahaha
Kelly: That poor baby.
Gabe: this too shall pass, dan harmon
Gabe: one day at a time
Gabe: for 13 days or whatever
Kelly: Please just try to ignore the noise
Kelly: All of the celebratory banging together of pots and pans in the streets
Gabe: yeah, definitely stay off twitter
Gabe: and out of the streets
Gabe: tonight
Gabe: that goes for everyone
Gabe: tonight and every night
Kelly: hahaha
Gabe: well we aren’t barn animals

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  1. I’m also tired. Great minds.


  3. I hope this doesn’t out me as someone who sometimes cares about things for real instead of always hiding behind a thin, brittle veil of sarcasm and convenient detachment (you know, the impression I’ve been working so hard to perpetuate on the internet) BUT I will be genuinely disappointed if the new Community sucks balls. Or is even just average, which would count as sucking balls on the Community scale.
    There aren’t that many shows that I follow anymore, and even fewer that I care about enough to watch each week instead of just waiting half a season and binging on 10 episodes in a row, but this has been one of them. It has consistently been one of the funniest things on TV, and I hope it stays that way!

    • Even if it’s feels too much like an emulation of something that it can’t be without Harmon at the helm, I’ll watch it all and try to enjoy the little things. I mean, this season still has Megan Ganz and most of the core writers, so I doubt it’s going to be terrible. At the very least, it’s going to feel a little like a shell of its former self. Probably a sturdy, often hilarious shell, but maybe still a shell.

      I’m welcoming this season, but the true canon will always be 1-3. Harmon once said that Abed stepping into the mini-Dreamatorium and blasting off into adventureland at the end of last season was meant to symbolize him leaving the show. It’s such a fitting end to the show. If this season doesn’t feel “right”, for lack of a better phrase, we’ll always have something like 75 episodes of some of the greatest comedy put to a television screen.

  4. It might not be bad. The showrunners came from Happy Endings. But, you guys, I’m worried about Happy Endings. It’s not doing that well in the ratings They killed B in 23, even though the network really *actually* tried to save it. I just… I hate it when bad things happen to good TV. I’m such a Kenneth.

  5. We’ll know the show’s time is up after Chase leaves and is replaced by Ted McGinley.

    • Oh man, that would make me so happy… like the time Ted McGinley was on Psych… but not as happy as the time original Buffy and Jonathan and Corey Feldman were on the vampire episode of Psych. I’m an Abed like that.

      Just kidding, I’m a Shawn.

      • I really like this show so very very much. I also really like Community. And Happy Endings. And Bitch in 23 #ripneverforget And so many other shows. TV is my favorite.

        • You lost me at ‘badideajeans.’

          • Seriously tho, I’ll get into Psych at some point, and then be able to pick up what you’re putting down.

          • I think you’ll like it. It’s one of the more meta pop culture shows I’ve ever seen and plays with the procedural genre, but is actually a very funny comedy. I really hate procedural crime shows, but can watch this for hours and hours. Also they have a lot of jokes at the expense of The Mentalist, which I adore because that show came 2-3 years later and literally stole the premise.

      • I can’t wait for more Shawn and Gus!!! I hope we get to see a lot of Smooth Gus this season.

    • Fred Willard was once considered for Pierce. This replacement would be the perfection of perfectness. Not that he would play Pierce Hawthorne, but maybe he self-consciously tries to fill Pierce’s role in the group. Imagine a Jack Black in Season 1 scenario with Willard, but he just kind of stays. It’s like Buddy or Todd (or even Chang) but the group eventually and reluctantly accepts him. Remember how many scenes in which Pierce shows a genuine vulnerability with regards to his anxiety of not being accepted within the group? It’s even more perfect after the whole “lewd act” thing with Fred Willard.

      If there’s a season 5, the writers and new showrunners could really pull off a great second act.

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  7. I was the singular weirdo who watched the first two seasons of Community before Parks and Rec, and I thought it was the best sitcom ever! And it sure is clever. But once you see the fleshed out relationships of P&R, or the brutal humanity of something like Louie, Community starts looking real sterile. They just circle around the same plot points! Jeff realizes he’s an asshole every episode just to forget by the next, etc. it’s a bummer.

    • This is so true it hurts. I loved Community seasons 1 and 2. But I completely did a 180 on it in season 3. Every episode seemed like halfway through it got to a point where the group was just yelling at each other for the same tired reasons and it didn’t go anywhere. Which would be fine if it pretty much never tried to do any semblance of a continuing arc like Louie does, but then they try and shoehorn in plotlines that just felt forced.

      All of this I wouldn’t care so much about if it weren’t for the constant exceedingly obvious references to how Community is just the most clever show on television and ugh nobody gets them. Arrested Development did some serious meta self referential humor at the end of season 3 and it was hilarious, but Community really belabored the point to where I just didn’t care anymore and it felt mildly condescending towards the rest of television, as if Community is so much smarter and funnier than every other show out there.

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