Mom, all the evidence you’re presenting here is circumstantial. Yes, the sprinkles are half empty and spilled across the counter, and yes John’s face and the inside of his mouth are covered in them, but, uh, well, the fact is that he didn’t eat the sprinkles. Ok? Nope. Hmm? Oh, no. Nope. He did not. (Via ClipNation.)

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  1. John also ate the marshmallow. Let’s watch out for John later, guys.

  2. John’s apparently a “the sprinkles are half full” kind of kid.

  3. Awwww John! You’re so cute with your cartoonishly big eyes and lies! When you visit Auntie Kate’s house, she’ll let you eat all of the sprinkles.

    • Excellent plan, Kate. Fill them up with sugar and send them home to their parents. I’m totally going to bake a ton of cookies for my nephew. And give him this super super loud toy that I found. Because his birthday is coming up. It’s all coming together… Wahahahahaha.

  4. John’s going to make a great professional athlete someday.

  5. “I live by one rule: Deny, deny, deny.” -John

  6. “Well, they’re not empty.” He tells the truth when it suits him.

  7. I also like how when she pointed out there were sprinkles on his face, he touched the one spot that he felt was most likely to have a sprinkle and when that was clear, he went back to confident denial.

  8. And that little boy grew up to be….

  9. What if he’s telling the truth?

  10. “I’m just a patsy, mom!”

  11. To be fair, all other things being equal, these types of HARD-NOSED QUESTIONING SESSIONS after doing something you’re not supposed to are one of the scariest things to endure when you’re little.

  12. Why are the sprinkles left out on the counter in the first place? This is entrapment!

  13. Just wait until Dad gets home…

  14. “Just wait until your Dad comes home, young man!”

  15. This kind of “Gotcha” journalism is BULLSHIT!

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