If you love television shows based on Facebook games, and you love the work of Brett Ratner, then you are going to love this news about Brett Ratner making a television show about a Facebook game. From Deadline:

Brett Ratner has joined with Six Eleven Media to produce a TV version of the successful online game FarmVille. The Hercules director and the Canadian production company aim to make a half hour animated series out of the farming simulation social networking game. “FarmVille is one of the most exciting brands out there today and its cross-platform opportunities are endless. I am thrilled to be expanding the brand with existing fans and also engaging a whole new audience,” said Ratner in a statement Thursday.

He is thrilled to be expanding the brand. Which is one of the most exciting brands out there today. See also: #brands, #excitement, #crossplatform. What is even the point of releasing statements like this? Do the CEOs of the Facebook game companies get sad if a celebrity (haha, well) doesn’t talk about their licensed product like a Powerpoint Presentation? The world continues to and will always be a vampire. The good news is tomorrow’s Friday. Let’s start planning our weekends now!!!! Step one: throw computer in bath tub full of warm water. Step two: board windows. Step three: drink wine.

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  1. Are the opportunities really endless? Or are they Endless?

  2. If art were a person, Brett Ratner would skull-fuck it for $20.

  3. Everyone’s aunt is going to be so excited about this.

  4. A television show about the economics of farming in this day and age just sounds like the most depressing thing.

  5. Based on my limited knowledge of Farmville, I have to assume that this is just going to be a show where interesting characters saying funny stuff keep getting interrupted by a sad lonely cow asking if you’ll adopt him.

  6. Secondhand Brett Ratner story here. One of my best friends was on jury duty with him in 2006 or 2007, and she said he was super dismayed when he wasn’t immediately excused, and that he spent a lot of the waiting time (hours and hours) talking on his phone. Apparently, he made the reasonable decision to a) talk in front of everybody b) in a very loud voice. She came to the conclusion that Brett Ratner wanted everyone to know who he was, because he kept dropping key words like RUSH HOUR 3 with particular emphasis.

  7. This is just :(

  8. I never started Farmville, but since December 2011, I have been embroiled in a Farmville-style iPhone game called Pucca’s Restaurant. It’s a restaurant game, and it’s only played by Koreans (like, for instance, my mother and uncle, who got me into it), and it never, ever ends. It requires daily attention, and I hate it, and my fiance hates it, but I can’t stop because otherwise all my hours will be wasted when my restaurant goes to seed.

    I don’t know who’s going to watch a Farmville show because I’m pretty sure the target audience (people who play Farmville) also hate and resent it with a prisoner’s fury.

  9. This is further proof of my assumption that if you get people to say a word enough times, it will be turned into a tv show!

  10. Crossing my fingers that he collaborates with Taylor Swift on the future release of Diet FarmVille!!

  11. I guess this makes Brett Ratner an expert in fodder.

  12. FARMVILLE by Brett Ratner

    SCENE 1 – Farmer’s House

    *Farmer walks into his house and sees his wife. His wife has big cans. Wow. They’re huge.*

    Farmer: Hey honey, is that Rush Hour on the TV? I love that movie.

    Farmer’s Wife: Yes, it is great. The director was on Entourage last name. His cameo was perfect.

    *Camera zooms into TV and plays Rush Hour for rest of episode*

  13. Brett Ratner’s FarmVille TV show is proof of no god.

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