Oh, you can be so quick to judge. “Windless kite flying to an orchestral version of — I mean, first of all, can we focus on windless kite flying by itself for a second? Sorry to take the WIND OUT OF HIS SAILS hahahaha, but, like, “windless kite flying” sounds like a joke hobby Criss would have on 30 Rock, R.I.P., that he would try to pass off as legitimate and then Liz Lemon would just roll her eyes and be more upset with him than before he said it, you know? Like, ‘why don’t you have any real hobbies and also get a job,’ is what she would be thinking. But then you add to it the fact that this guy is flying a kite sans wind in an auditorium to an ORCHESTRAL VERSION OF “PAINT IT BLACK”? Hahahaha. Oh, please. Hahaha. Please.” That’s you, being just the biggest, most judgmental jerk on the planet, who barely even deserves to see how beautiful this windless kite flying routine is. YOU BETTER TAKE IT BACK! TAKE IT BACK OR NO JUMP!

Hahahahahaha. It is still very funny, but also HE DOES A GREAT JOB! (Via Kottke.)

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  1. Max Fischer: Windless Kite Flying Society Founder.

  2. And people mock me when I show off my broom-balancing championship trophy.

  3. Doesn’t help that the kite has the exact coloring of a Poké Ball. WHAT A NERD. (You guys all know what Poké Balls look like, right, and that there’s an accent on the e?)

  4. “I see people turn their heads and quickly look away” – this guy, because he’s a dork.

  5. Wait are you all going to make fun of this? Wasn’t this actually pretty neat? I was impressed!

    • Agreed! It seems like every day I find out about a new thing that’s actually a thing, just when I thought there couldn’t be any more.

    • Oh, yea, it’s definitely neat. It’s also probably going to get him into college. Can you imagine? “Piano, piano, debate, squash (put that one in the legacy pile), WINDLESS KITE FLYING? WHO ARE YOU?”

  6. I like his fancy little footsetps!

  7. This is a teaser trailer for Napoleon Dynamite 2, right?

  8. This might sound strange, but hear me out: I think it’s really disappointing that he went to all the trouble to learn this skill, design this complicated routine, and enter competitions, only to show up wearing cargo pants and a black tshirt from some fun-run or something.
    He’s performing! He’s not just showing that he can complete a certain set of skills – his kite routine is supposed to be impressive and graceful and aesthetically pleasing. Olympic figure skaters wear costumes, this guy should have at least worn a suit, or maybe slacks and a blazer.
    Dress like a you give a shit, buddy! This isn’t rehearsal!
    I am very disappointed.

  9. I have nothing bad to say about this.

  10. I bet this is way tougher than it looks.

  11. I kept being so mad at the director for cutting away to the closeup during most riveting parts. Great showcase of your directing prowess Mr. Two Cameras. Why don’t you go fly a kite!

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