• These Death Star Lollipops would pair nicely with Your Girlfriend’s Kickstarter Aphrodisiac Lollipops. #romance -Neatorama
  • Clueless Gamer: Conan O’Brien Plays and Reviews Halo 4 -TEAMCOCO
  • Q: Wait a second…Senator Ashley Judd? A: Maybe! -HyperVocal
  • The Last Words Of 11 Entertainers (Best: “Surprise me.”) -TheWeek
  • LiLo & Woody Allen are pals at amfAR. Cool friendship, guys! -Dlisted
  • Super Mario Busters IS Ghostbusters VS. Super Mario Bros. -LaughingSquid
  • ‘Making Ellen Laugh’: a montage of Ellen DeGeneres laughing -TastefullyOffensive
  • Forgotten Classic: Tammy & The T-Rex starring Denise Richards and Paul Walker -FilmDrunk
  • André Leon Talley’s new TV show promises “unparalleled access into [his] international fashion lifestyle,” ooh la la! -ONTD
  • The Most Popular Girls In School just announced a Season 2. “What the f*ck did you just say?” -you -TheMostPopularGirls
  • Sofia Coppola interviewed Lee Radziwill in her Paris apartment, and it’s perfect. The video! The pictures! Be still my heart. -NYTimesMagazine
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  1. I am shocked and disgusted that I can’t find a gif of Andre Leon Talley saying “I would hang it in my salon.”

  2. I bet Lilo doesn’t know about Woody’s skin tags, though.

  3. I just realized that I’ve been misreading “Aphrodisiac Lollipops” as “Amnesiac Lollipops.”

    *Cancels order.*

  4. Yes it’s true. Waluigi has no dick.

  5. I am very excited about the Andre Leon Talley show. I would like to be a guest on it and try to burrow myself into one of his cloaks.

  6. The Death Star Lollipops is just karma balancing out the aphrodisiac lollipops. First we have lollipops that will get you laid, now lollipops that will keep you from ever getting laid.

  7. RE the first link, I just want to say how much I hate the cliche “at the ripe old age of [age].” Ripe old age? Fuck you, whoever wrote that. You’re awful. You probably also say “pop the question” and use some stupid way of saying pregnant like “in a family way” or “bun in the oven” or “expecting,” and when someone is dead you probably say they “passed on.” You’re an idiot. Die in a fire.

    You guys, I did not get a lot of sleep.

    • You realize that these writers are real actual people who will most likely read what you say to them, right?

      • Oops, not the first link. “The Last Words Of 11 Entertainers (Best: “Surprise me.”)” Apologies to whoever wrote the first link! Keep up the fine work!

        Anyway, I think the joke is more on me, here. The idea is that I’m so tired I’m overreacting? That’s just great comedy. Obviously I don’t want anyone to die in a fire? Please, writers! Live, LIVE IN A FIRE!

        But also, everyone who writes, or types, or talks, don’t say “ripe old age,” or “pop the question,” or any cliche. It’s awful.

  8. I’m so going to poop there.

  9. I read “clueless gamer” as ‘Clueless’ Gamer. And was ecstatic for a brief moment.

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