Don’t feed the trolls lol. (Via TheStrut.)

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  1. Wow, their cultural awareness is never in Jeopardy.

  2. They were going to try to use the other huge hit song of 2012 but the contestants found it too confusing.

  3. “I’ll take ‘I haven’t gotten laid in six months or more’ for $1000, Alex.”

  4. “This is Crazy, for 600, Alex”
    ‘The Answer: This pop star is back to dating her abusive ex, the one who brutally beat her in a sports car back in 2009′

  5. “‘This is Crazy’ for 400, Alex”
    ‘Answer: This disgustingly named ’2000s version of the Rat Pack’ took their inspiration from the Boy Band Bart Simpson was drawn into on Simpsons Episode “New Kids on the Blecch” S12E14. See Photo’

  6. I’m sorry what?

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