This is the sweetest thing on the entire internet: a little boy named Tan Hong Ming has a crush on his classmate, the prettiest little girl in the world. He wants to take her to “a romantic dinner.” His face at the end, awww!:

Sure, the little girl was coached and the odds are probably against these two, but Tan Hong Ming is by far the cutest kid on the whole internet. (Via Urlesque.)

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  1. Oh my god! That kid is really amped on life. So cute.

  2. Adorable as all get out. But what’s this colour blind stuff? They are different races? Man, that’s some impressively specific racism right there, if those two are of a different race.

    Or maybe they just want to kept our children from seeing colours. No rainbows for you, children.

  3. “impressively specific racism” FTW. haha.

  4. I believe the girl is malay and the boy is chinese. Traditionally their respective countries don’t get along swimmingly, but i think they’re finally dealing with each other now in a big and mutually respective way? (i could totally be wrong, and if someone is learned in asian history, feel free to school me)

  5. Its all good feelings,awwws and :) . Until you find out he made another youtube video singing Pretty woman. Damn that old man he made me so cynical, so so cynical. he has tarnished the internets for me.

  6. Aww. In your face, Heidi and Spencer!

  7. Every time a video is posted with the tag “cute as balls,” I laugh. It is a really great and evocative phrase, even though most balls are not particularly cute.

  8. That boy’s Present Face at 1:13 is eternal and golden. And magical.

    “I don’t want the whole world to know!”

  9. His face at the end melts my heart.
    I’m gonna admit, I did not understand the colourblind thing until I read the comments. I must be race-ignorant. Does that make me colourblind, too? Do I get a gold star for this?

  10. OK, for all of y’all who don’t get the reference to race, let me break it down for you:

    Both kids are Malaysian, but the boy is ethnic Chinese, and the girl is ethnic Malay. Obviously the concept of “race” is a fluid one – perhaps “ethnic group” is a more correct term. But clearly they do look a bit different. There are traditionally a lot of resentments between the two ethnic groups in Malaysia. The Malays are Muslim, dominate politics and receive affirmative action benefits yet are still less wealthy overall. Chinese are about 30% of the population and are tend to be wealthier, yet have little political power.
    Got it?
    It’s a great ad BTW!

  11. Malaysian  |   Posted on Jul 26th, 2009 +3

    Ladies and gentlemen, this advert was commissioned by Petronas, Malaysia’s largest oil and gas company. It was in conjunction with our 50th year of independence, which was two years ago. The advert was done by the great Yasmin Ahmad, who unfortunately passed away yesterday at the age of 51. Malaysia is a country of different races, and this advert was a message that race should not matter. These two kids do not care about their respective races – Hong Ming identifies all nice things about Ummi but does not mention her race. So, the question is – if kids do not care about race, why should we? He is Malaysian Chinese – not Thai, Vietnamese or Cambodian (I doubt kids from these countries can speak fluent English, no disrespect), and the girl is Malaysian Malay – she is wearing the baju kurung, a Malay costume. Thank you.

  12. Kyson L  |   Posted on Aug 1st, 2009 0

    The girl is malay and the boy is chinese. There are real tensions between the 2 races in Malaysia so this ad is made in a very specific social context to address the issues of racism in Malaysia. We are not in a time where we can pretend everything is ok yet. For those who dun understand the ad, perhaps it is because you are not from the region. Although race is a global issue, it has its different nuances in different places.

    Kudos to Petronas and the late Yasmin for this wonderful ad.

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