• Check out this bootleg Grand Theft Auto 2: San Andreas game from Nairobi starring the fearsome KIRK DOUGLAS! -TheWorldsBestEver
  • All Aboard the Harry Potter Cruise! (No!) -Telegraph
  • Bruce Willis Says Die Hard 6 Is In Development -/Film
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  • Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Sixbey, Episode 4 -LateNightJimmy
  • Portlandia – “He’s Making Furniture Now” (Of course he is!) -IFC
  • Another day, another celebrity with a foot-rose tattoo. -Dlisted
  • Lizzie Caplan is sarcastically yours in Fashion Film -NewNowNext
  • Guy Ritchie directs David Beckham in his underwear (terrible job, worst job) for H&M -ONTD
  • How I Wish The World Worked is that Jeff Wysaski would make funny videos forever. -PleatedJeans
  • MTV just renewed Buckwild for a second season. Has anyone besides Gabe even watched it yet? -Deadline
  • Tim Hortons’ Jason Priestley Doughnut is chain’s latest installment of Canadian actor-inspired swag -NationalPost
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  1. I watched that How I Met Your Mother which featured the Jason Priestly, and it was very funny. Mainly because it was all about Robin Sparkles, which is easily my favorite part of that show. Everybody come and play! Throw every last care away! Let’s go to the mall, today!

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