“Ask for mattress.” (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. Is this an ad for fun illegal drugs? Did I already buy and consume them?

  2. Inspired by Beyonce’s Superbowl show.

  3. It’s good and all, but it could have used a few albinos.

  4. I’d say “That’s that,” Mattress Man.

  5. oy tink dats a foine oirishman roight tere


  7. Dan Deacon’s videos are getting too abstruse.

  8. The best part is that there’s a credits sequence at the end (totally normal for a commercial) and that there’s an actual production company behind it! So, not only did they say “I need to make a credits sequence for the end of this commercial (because that’s totally normal) because people need to know who made this” but they also looked at this and said, “Yep. I’m proud of this. This is what I want to show prospective clients so they know what I’m about. You can’t spell professionalism without shootaudition@gmail.com

  9. Omg that accent. Whatdya tink?

  10. His shirt hurts my eyes.

  11. I’m worried about Billy Connolly, you guys. I think he’s off his meds.

  12. I would be real mad if my name was also a slur for my nationality, and then I was also pretty much a stereotype of that nationality.

  13. Dar’s more to Ireland dan dis.

  14. “Mick, I want my hairdo back”–Anita Bryant

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