Ugh, please, do not even TRY to start telling me how your day was right now. We’ll get to it in a minute, but you’ve got to hold your tongue while I tell you the story about a TRULY bad day, so you don’t feel embarrassed when you’re like, “Ugh, I walked outside this morning and saw that someone smashed the window of my car. Nothing was stolen from it, but it still really sucks because I’ve been unemployed for a while and I don’t know how I’ll get the money to fix it, plus my boyfriend broke up with me last night, and there have been a bunch of health issues in my family popping up lately and we’ve never really had insurance–” SHHH! SHHH! SHHH! SOMEONE (CHET HAZE) ACTUALLY HAD A BAD DAY TODAY, SO PLEASE SHOW SOME HIM SOME RESPECT! It all started when he first realized he couldn’t find his iPad. Had someone stolen it? Had he simply misplaced it? Who knows. All he knew was that it was missing and that he had to get it back. In an effort to do just that, Chet updated his fans (his fans) with a tweet explaining that first of all, yes, he was serious (?), and that he still hadn’t found it. He included the hashtag #TeamFindChetsiPad. Throughout scattered tweets about integrity and still believing that people are “mostly good,” Chet kept the faith, updating us again that it was still missing and that #TeamFindChetsiPad should still be on the case. Would he ever get it back? Who had stolen Chet Haze’s iPad, and was it out of malice? Greed? The thoughts going through his head during these moments — well, I hope none of us ever have to experience them. Then he found it on a chair in his apartment. BUT IT STILL SOUNDS LIKE HE HAD A PRETTY BAD DAY! #TeamFindChetsiPad #FOREVER Now, if you think you aren’t going to sound foolish answering this question: HOW WAS YOUR DAY?!

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  1. I got a new face soap and I’m optimistic but 1) it’s a really big bottle with a screw cap, which is so dumb, and 2) it doesn’t foam.

    I spent $400 today, but I spent it on 3 round trip flights that I had to book anyway, so I’m happy about that. I was prompted by the Southwest sale someone posted on the Facebook group for people who need flights to Chicago. You guys should check it out.

    • Also, if any of you monsters are accountants I have a tax question – if I have two jobs and one pays a normal salary and the other pays basically nothing but comes with lots of expenses (travel, for example), can I deduct all of those job expenses? Turbo Tax is telling me that I can only deduct expenses in excess of 2% of my salary, but it seems like I should be able to keep those two jobs separate for tax purposes?

      • Hi Steph! I’m glad you posted here because I’ve wanted to tell you for a little while that I was lucky enough to be allowed to read a galley proof of your book recently, because I am a Very Important Media Professional™, and it’s so, so good. I wolfed it down in about two obsessive sittings and I honestly really enjoyed it. I’m going to be buying ten copies when it’s released and giving them to all my friends (with eight to spare!) All Monsters should do the same too.

        • I hope that answers your question???

        • WHAAAAT???

        • If anyone was wondering how my day was today, see Max Beerbong’s post above. DAY MADE!

          But wow how unexpected! I’m guessing you got it through NetGalley? I think maybe 30 people in the whole world have read my book at this point, and I’m so happy that one is a monster!

          • Yes I did! You mentioned it on one of these Day posts a few weeks ago so I went and found and requested it. I’m so happy to be part of such an exclusive club! Soon many more people are going to get to read and love it too and that’s an amazing thing. The book’s wonderful, congratulations!

          • When someone inevitably makes a movie based on your book, who do you hope gets the lead role???

    • RE: flights and stuff

      I was looking on Kayak and found fares cheaper (from New York, at least) than the ones Southwest had. The more you know!

      • Yea I actually only booked one of my trips through that sale (L.A. to Bay Area for $49 each way), but it got me bargain hunting. If anyone has tips on cheap flights from L.A. to New York, I’m still looking…

        • I was finding $153 each way from LA to Baltimore and Philadelphia. The key seemed to be flying on a Friday or Monday morning, not Saturday or Sunday.

  2. Chet Haze is our generation’s Anne Frank.

    • Or he’s Hitler, and the iPad he was looking for is Anne Frank.

      Anyway, whew, glad he found it!

      Wait. Not glad? I’m not glad.

      I don’t know now.

      • Nooooo: what catweazle means is that one time in the Annex, Anne lost her diary and she looked and looked but couldn’t find it and thought maybe someone had taken it. But then she found it!

  3. Well, I stole Chet Haze’s iPad, but then read his tweets about the goodness of humanity and felt really guilty so I broke back into his apartment and put it on his chair.

  4. I think we can all agree that the Pussy Posse are having the best day. I hope Harmony Korine is filming all their crazy antics so they can have…


  5. Decently good day. I am going to Southern California this weekend for a few days for a work related conference which will be nice, especially considering how much I am over the cold New York weather at this point. I had a friend from college come up to visit last weekend and that was a drunken blur but a lot of fun. AND, I know this isn’t Stereogum, but the new My Bloody Valentine album came out last Saturday and I have been listening to it non stop ever since and it is amazing, definitely improved this day and week.

    • That MBV album is the best. I think I’ve listened to it 1000x already if that’s even possible.

    • Thanks for the reminder!

    • It is indeed very good. Another album that I find improves whatever mood I am in is Hospitality, performed and recorded by a group of musicians who likewise refer to themselves as Hospitality. It is unlikely that this concurrence of Hospitalities is a coincidence but I lack the knowledge to state as much with any authority.

  6. My day has been ok so far, but I only had a medium coffee instead of a large coffee and I didn’t think it would make a difference except having to pee less, but I am really sleepy now. I don’t have to be at work much longer, and normally I would just go home and pass out on my couch but I have music class tonight. My life is super hard.

  7. My day was a little nuts. Went to put down a deposit and apply for a new apartment in the morning, but no one was at the office. So i called the realtor and he informed me that they didn’t open for another half hour, even though HE chose the meeting time. Eventually they showed up, I filled out the form, and handed them $500, essentially all the money in the world, as far as I know.

    Fast forward 4 hours, we find out that the Landlord has decided to close off the office and one of the bathrooms for storage, but our request for a $100 reduction in rent/month was okay! Which was especially weird, because the only way he would be able to get to the storage would be through our apartment? And was he going to use the bathroom for storage?

    Anyway, at this point these people seemed crazy, so after missing a few hours of work in the morning because they were late to our meeting, I had to leave early so I could get back to the office to retrieve my deposit, and Yna, the woman who works in the office next to my desk, saw me leave early and shook her head at me, which I really didn’t need, Yna!

    Luckily I got the money back and now I get to continue the super fun process of finding an apartment that I can’t afford in Brooklyn!

    At least I know exactly where my iPad is (it’s in my dreams where I make $1 million/second and can afford products).

  8. I’ve been sick since Sunday, but feel a lot better today. One of the best things about getting sick is realizing how good it feels to not be sick anymore.

    I got more Homeland discs from Netflix today too, so that’ll be fun to watch tonight.

    I hope everyone is well and having fun!

  9. This afternoon my boss told me to reschedule a meeting he had for Friday afternoon because the weather forecast “didn’t look good.” Does this mean he has the inside scoop that work will be closed Friday afternoon? BLIZZARD WATCH 2013!!!!!

    I’m going to have pancakes for dinner, and then dance around my apartment because this week has generally been great!

  10. Today is my last day at my job! I quit because a) I went back to school in September and turns out that’s making me pretty busy? and b) I don’t really enjoy it any more.
    Woohoo! I am going to celebrate by doing homework tonight.

    Also I got contacts yesterday and my eyes are tripping balls.

    • first time with contacts?

      My friend keeps trying to convince me to do Lasik, but I kind of like it when I don’t have contacts in/glasses on and my entire world is blurry…

      • Yeah! I’ve had glasses for years (very minor correction), but I finally got some contacts because the broken nose meant I couldn’t wear them, and that got old fast.

    • Ahhhh it took me like 30 minutes to put one contact in when I first got them. Definitely worth it though because you can wear sunglasses now that you don’t have to wear regular glasses all the time. Also never fall asleep in them, unless you like painfully prying things off your eyeballs.

  11. Hi everyone! Today is good because so far nothing bad has happened. I hope I havn’t spoken too soon.

  12. I’m wondering how most people are capable of working 8/9-4/5 cause like I’m going on a month of working full time and I want to barf jeeze I am not meant to wake up before like 10am at the earliest. And I have to do this for the rest of my life? I’m still waiting for the unsolicited job offer for a position where someone pays me a million dollars a year to watch X-Files at home but I don’t think that kind of job exists.

    • I know how you feel; I started working full time about 6 months ago. The 9-5 grind sucks, but the best way to get around it is to have stuff to do after work. Getting into the get up, go to work, come home, go to bed routine gets old really fast. Once you get used to going to bed earlier, getting up earlier won’t be as difficult, and this is coming from a guy who pretty much stayed up until 3am throughout all of college.

  13. My day was made by the guy who tweeted “stupid is as stupid does” to Chet Haze. It was maybe the most (and only) appropriate use of that phrase in history.

  14. It was going fine until the USMNT laid a big giant egg against Honduras. The USMNT kinda sucks. Otherwise, I still have a job and an office with a door, so life isn’t TOO awful.

  15. It’s been great. Today’s my birthday! My mom’s visiting which is awesome cause I don’t get to see her that much (she’s in CT, I’m in Philly). I showed her the Masonic Temple cause she’s never been and she loved it. Later were gonna go out to dinner with a few of my friends. Then later I’m going to a surprise birthday party for another one of my friends who I didn’t even know had the same birthday as me? Pretty awesome day.

  16. I had pizza for lunch and now I have heartburn because pizza always gives me heartburn but also I am POWERLESS. Pizza is a cruel mistress.

  17. I just watched the Puppy Bowl highlights reel ( ) and ate some lobster sushi so my day is pretty amazing.

  18. For the last two weeks I’ve been getting a headache at 3 o’clock every day. Today was the first day I didn’t get one! So that makes it a good day.

    I’ve really got nothing else…

  19. Good day! I listened to Ghost World while i worked (i like pretending i live in radio days but with computers), made some fun gifs (i especially liked making lbt do the safety dance for eternity), started planning another date (sorry, i can’t shut up about it, deal with it guys!), and…. i think that’s enough. Yep, good day!

    • Similarly(?),I like to watch American movies dubbed into languages I don’t understand so that I can pretend I’m in a hotel on vacation.

    • Is this one a scotch tasting in a library?? I am also embroiled in a new love affair, but so far we’ve just had dinner dates (although he did make me dinner from scratch and then we watched a scary movie, but he has HDTV so it looked like a soap opera, but still a really fun night and I am not complaining!)

    • Old-timey radio days still exist! We are in the middle of them! I’ve been listening to the newer Doctor Who radio programs while I exercise, the ones that started in I think 2006 with Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, and they’re the best. I think it was someone on Videogum who directed me to where they were streaming for free on the BBC’s website but I’m pretty sure that’s done now, so I’ve been listening to them through slightly less legal channels, on the self-imposed proviso that I buy them when I have more money, probably in April. They’re so good that I don’t even pay attention to the fact that I’m exercising until I’ve finished my routine. Anyway, that’s what I did today: exercised and listened to Doctor Who and then drank too much coffee.

      Ghost World is good too though. I feel like I’ve heard from someone, somewhere, that it hasn’t aged well, but I think it still stands up. However, I feel the same way about American Beauty so, you know, grain of salt.

  20. I watched My So-Called Life and realized that teenage me wasn’t Jordan Catalano like I had always thought but actually Brian Krakow. I feel you, Chet. #gethazed

    • It’s ok. I’ve read that the plan for Season 2 was for Angela to gravitate towards Brian after learning he wrote the letter, so maybe Brian is the dude to be?

    • I’m sure if they did a where-are-they-now now, Brian would be super successful with a really good looking partner and just loving life. And Jordan would be pushing forty with a bit of a belly, wondering where his life went while sitting at a computer posting stupid comments and gifs on a pop-culture blo……….. FUCK ME.

    • Real question about that show: did you find the stuff with the parents to be incredibly boring? Now, I have only seen the first 4 episodes, so I could have no idea what I am talking about, but every episode I just wanted them to focus on the kids, I don’t care what the dad thinks of his wife’s dumb haircut.

      • Interesting question. I’m definitely more into the parents’ stories now than I was the first time I watched it, because they do round out the narrative and it is interesting to me to see how their behavior sort of shapes Angela and her development (same for Rayanne’s free spirit mother and her affect on Rayanne’s attitude.) On the other hand, since I’m kind of watching it out of a weird nostalgia/why-wasn’t-I-a-better-teenager feeling (which I guess is somewhat close to actually being that age and wanting to find a voice on television) I’m also still definitely invested in the kids’ storylines more than anything else so I could easily get behind a cut of the show that was all teenz all the time.

        • I can see what you are saying about the parents rounding out the narrative, and providing perspective. I guess some of it just didn’t interest me as much as the kids’ plotlines. I think the show does a great job of capturing what its like to be that age, and really influenced a lot of teen dramas that came after it.

          • Agreed on all points, MSCL totally set the standard. If the show had been wholly focused on the kids, it still would have been fantastic. I mean, that’s already the primary reason it was so good. I think the parents were probably given storylines in the show mainly so that the whole family could watch at home and each have something to relate to and maybe learn a little about one another. There’s also a line in episode four or so where they talk about how important it is for Angela to take her father off of his pedestal finally, so maybe there’s something in the idea of humanizing parents in a show aimed at children. But that’s not necessarily something age-appropriate viewers are actually going to be interested in. I definitely wasn’t.

          • Your avatars make it look like this is just one person talking to himself in this thread.

            Also: swab.

  21. I literally just found a medical doctor that I like and seems intellectually curious about stuff involving medicine in and out of her immediate specialty, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Plus she’s nice and approachable so when I asked her about a weird thing where my toes go numb when I’m cold, we ended up talking about running and shoe fits and good trails in the area. I haven’t had a doctor that I liked or had a decent rapport with (though she was recc’d by a friend and we all went to the same college at diff times so I figured we’d get along just fine) in a long, long time and this makes me feel so much better about my life in general.

    This being said, I’m pretty sure I’m getting braces. Again.

    • That’s awesome. It can be really hard to find good doctors. I drive an hour and pay for parking to see one of my doctors, and people think that is kind of weird, but he is such a good doctor!

      My regular doctors also understand that I have OCD, so they don’t get all weirded out when I ask ridiculous questions.

  22. Oh no guys! I lost my butt!

    Oh wait. Turns out it was just here in my chair the whole time.

  23. I can think of no word better suited to the task of describing the past two weeks than “fraught.” Your nation is vast, and teeming with an array of peoples and images almost overwhelming in their relentless demand for one’s attention. In particular, the sheer quantity and variety of illustrated arms and ankles makes me dizzy. I simply do not understand tattoos, no matter how often they are explained to me. Sons and Daughters of America, your form is the medium through which your spirit effects change in the world. It is not meant to serve as a canvas upon which your spirit passively paints symbols of self-praise. Also, your familiarity with the smoke nymph Mary Jane breaches propriety. She is a temptress! Be wary of her falsehoods!

    Forgive me. It is neither my wont nor my place to be so critical of customs which remain so resistant to my understanding. I’ve been out of sorts of late.

    Events in Cair Albuquerque did not transpire as I had envisioned. The rumour that lead me there had made mention of an Antlered Zebra whom I had hoped was the White Stag poorly disguised. But alas, no. The Antlered Zebra, as it happens, is its own thing, and to the same degree that the White Stag is temperate and centred and articulate (or so I have heard from trusted sources who gained his acquaintance under more favourable conditions than I) the Antlered Zebra is full of speechless hostility. I bear the marks to prove it.

    Dazed, I lay on the side of the High Way, blotting the blood from my scalp with the palm of my hand, when an automotive drew up beside me. A Human who called himself the Pink Man helped me to my feet and offered to bear me in his carriage to the nearest healer. I declined, knowing that my injuries were not as dire as they appeared, but suggested that I would appreciate a ride in his automotive nevertheless. The wind in my face might aid in the collection of my wits, I said.

    The Pink Man appeared disappointed at my failure to provide him with a definite destination; he seemed in desperate need of one. To divert him from his own dark thoughts, I engaged him in conversation as we drove without aim. I shared with him some of my recent travails, and he in turn told me a lengthy and tragic tale about a Human called Mr. White who rules Cair Albuquerque from the shadows. As his tale went on, my excitement grew.

    “I am not from Spare Oom, as my lower parts may have indicated, but I too lived in a land held in the cold grip of one who went by the name White. And she too preferred manipulation and cunning to direct confrontation. And this blue… mess?”
    “These blue meths. Are they not Turkish Delight in a different form?”
    “Sure.” The Pink Man drummed the spoked steer-wheel arrhythmically. “Yeah. You party?”
    “My brethren do engage in revels on lunar occasions, but my temperament is more retiring. I prefer to heed the counsel of my upper half as much as possible.”

    This is the only portion of our conversation I can transcribe honestly and in full without blushing. The Pink Man frequently employed a descriptive noun (without cause, merely for emphasis) which I find offensive on behalf of all Daughters of Eve. But underneath his vulgar bluster he was a gentle soul. I felt such affection for him that I took this picture of us together.

    Whenever I take a picture of myself it looks as if I have been clumsily cut out of an entirely different photographic and supplanted onto a new one, with a facial expression rendered ridiculous by the displacement. Even your cameras can sense that I do not belong here. I must return to Narnia!

    Tonight I dine upon Cool Ranch Doritos. The packaging asserts that the contents contain zero Trans Fats but I believe this to be a distraction, for there are so many things other than Trans Fats that could be in there.

    I intend to enjoy them. And so begins my quest to be less down on Spare Oom.

    • My dear friends, I do apologize for the length of the above comment and the indecent size of the accompanying photographic. I will endeavour to keep my remarks briefer and more to the point in the future.

    • Alas I am torn. My innermost wish at the moment is that you never return to your Cair, though a wise man in our world once said, “If you love something, set if free.” I know it is right to obey my elders, but I am sorely tempted not to.

  24. I just got back from the gym. It’s about a 20-something minute train ride from there to my place, which usually spend listening to music. Well stupid me forgot to bring headphones, so I spent the entire time in deep thought, staring off into space.

    Except I wasn’t staring off into space. I realized that I spent the entire time peering at this girl’s legs. I’m fairly sure she didn’t see me, but it didn’t stop me from feeling like a total perv. Does this mean I’m part of the Pussy Posse now?

  25. I finished The Death of Bees earlier this week, and it was excellent. It was suspenseful, sweet, sad, and funny. I highly recommend it! Today was not very exciting, but tomorrow will be GREAT because Tenth of December is finally on its way for me! And Community is back! And other shows! Yay!

    • I just bought Tenth of December today! I’m almost done with Elsewhere, California (which I highly recommend – it’s about a black woman and her life growing up in and around Los Angeles), and will probably start Tenth of December tomorrow. We should all talk about it.

    • Tenth of December is great! The first and last stories were my favorites and a joy to re-read (both had previously appeared in the New Yorker). I definitely teared up reading them the second time through. Something about how he portrays life as so joyous and frail (I mean, not just that, but that in particular) really gets to me, although I tend to cry easily so YMMV.

  26. I woke up this morning super dizzy, and it didn’t go away for hours, which was scary. But I got my state tax refund, and celebrated by paying off my credit card and buying some cute clothes I’ve had my eye on for a while. I should get my federal return soon and 100% of that will go to student loan payments (boooooooo)

    • I hope that dizziness doesn’t come back! I had dizzy spells a few days in a row this summer, and the doctor couldn’t figure out why. They eventually just went away. It was strange. And thank you for reminding me I needed to pay off my credit card.

  27. I fell asleep on my couch last night, watching Buffy, and have had knots in my back all day. I’ll be okay, but may need wine…

    I was watching Season 5. I watched 4 episodes last night, and 3 the night before that. It’s a great way to avoid doing constructive things. At some point I will crack and become productive again. But not tonight; I foresee wine and episodes 13-16 in the very near future.

    Anyway I am pre-vegging because I have to entertain again this weekend. The groom from the very stressful wedding two weeks ago is resurfacing in town and staying on my couch.

    The couch that causes knots…

    • I looooove Buffy season 5! Very underrated, I think. Intervention is a classic, and The Gift is my favorite Buffy episode ever.

      • The only thing wrong with Season 5 is that Glory is a weak villain. I get what they were trying to do with her but they didn’t give her enough time to become a character. In fact, the only seasons in which they gave their villains the time and space to develop were seasons 2, 3 and 6, which – now that I think about it – is probably why those are my favourite seasons. Season 6 in particular, because that was a villain six seasons in the making. I’m glad that Buffy got a sixth season, but wish it had ended there.

  28. My work schedule changed so i laid in bed til 215pm today, i was just sooo coooozy. I’ve been playing a bunch of skyrim and i have a 4 day week so it not so bad today.

  29. Beastly day today. Turns out I’ve not been keeping the estate up to par and my farms have gone to pasture. I curse the day I ever took advice from Lord Grantham. It would have been a complete write off, but fortunately Jameson arrived in the nick of time with a fresh case of champagne from the village. Good man that one, I’ll keep him during the downsize.

  30. Someone with more authority on the subject than myself recommended that I start “juicing” or something similar in order to increase my energy levels, so I’m sitting here at work waiting for a green smoothie I made at home and froze ahead of time to fully return to a liquid state. It’s been like 7 hours, what the fuck is with the ice in this smoothie?
    Thinking about having to drink it is turning my stomach, though, because kale and bananas and spirulina and apples and honey and celery and lemon juice don’t mix, and I should have known that beforehand, but now I’ve wasted those perfectly good and tasty fruits and veggies in the creation of an evil green sludge that’s taunting me with its grossness one arm’s length away. I think it can sense my fear, you guys. If I end up dead tomorrow morning, please arrest this smoothie.

    • I dunno, from the ingredients that sounds like it could maybe be good? The non-thawing part is kinda creepy though.

    • Listen, vegetables and fruits are great for you. But this juicing/smoothie nonsense has to stop. Science by anecdote is absurd. It’s 21st century leeching.

      A good rule to go by: If it sounds like something Dr. Oz would introduce on his show, it’s probably bullshit. (PS You will quickly learn that the people who get rich on this shit do not use it.)

    • Kale is kind of bullshit

    • Juicing is a good way to add some extra fruit and vegetables to your diet if you don’t get enough. It’s a way to trick yourself into eating kale sometimes.
      Juice is not as good as smoothies, because you’re getting rid of a lot of the non-soluble fibre and “roughage,” not to mention the skins etc which is often where more vitamins are. So while some nutrition will become more bioavailable through juicing, a lot will be just thrown away. I make smoothies with vegetables and fruit and yogurt and it helps me get my 5-10 in a fast, convenient, and delicious way. But it’s not a good idea if you don’t enjoy it.
      Basically, eat a balanced diet that includes all the things you put in your juice, and eat it however you’d like – but sometimes you really need to chew stuff and eat people food.

      • Thank you Gobblegirl, this is very helpful! Are there any particular smoothie combos (recipes?) you use as your staples?

        • I tend to stick to fruit combinations, but by coincidence I was inspired to step up my smoothie game yesterday with some vegetables. My friend recommended adding half a carrot and a few leaves of spinach, as long as you have some strong-tasting fruit to balance it out – blueberries and raspberries are my favourite.
          Bananas, blueberries, mango, (plus now some vegetables). My other favourite is banana, frozen raspberries and a spoonful of almond/peanut butter.
          I always use frozen berries/fruit because it’s cheaper.

  31. So I went to orientation for my internship today, and I gave my first presentation in my theory class this morning. I felt pretty good about it, and then one of the phd students that really intimidates me also said she thought I did a good job. So woohoo! Plus, I got to spend an hour standing around in front of art. Pretty good day all around!

  32. I went to Philadelphia for work. It’s a nice town!

    Also, I found a white Battleship peg in the back pocket of my jeans. It did not get there via my actions. I’m actually really creeped out.

    But, so, Philly. Farmer’s Cabinet is a pretty decent bar.

  33. Back on Saturday I pulled a calf muscle pretty badly (or something) – was in pain for a while but have been healing OK.

    Tonight I’m out and about and I park my car on Eastern Parkway, a four lane road in Brooklyn. For some stupid reason I forget all about my gimpy leg and decide I’m going to jaywalk across this. I try to break into a sprint and, of course, it seizes up again. So now I’m hobbling around in the middle of this highway, looking at oncoming traffic and thinking “wow, I really could get killed right now.”

    But I didn’t! :)
    But it re-fucked-up the leg. :(

  34. I just tried to sign in with the username “videogum” and the password “.com” so you tell me how my day is going.

  35. Yesterday after a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, I fell asleep whilst watching The Simpsons. It was actually a good thing because somehow work and winter plus night classes makes me extremely tired by the end of the week. I got a heart-shaped cookie from Crumbs and it was as hard a rock which was disappointing.

    I’m planning to get Valentine’s Day cookies and/or cupcakes for my co-workers but yesterday I found out one of them is a vegan and he was like “Get them for everybody…but I can’t eat them” which requires me to get one special vegan thing for him because he’s new and I want to show him that while 75% of the people here are terrible and don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves, that at least I’m one of the considerate ones. Heck it’s also Valentine’s Day and everybody needs to feel like somebody cares about them.

    I get excited now because the days are getting longer and closer to springtime. My interest in the sun sounds like an Ingmar Bergman film.

  36. Yesterday was okay. I went for a run for the first time in a long time and while I say “run” what I really mean is “mostly walking with a little bit of running” and it was all walking but that’s okay. Work is pretty good except some things aren’t so great, but the good stuff is good. I got to skype with my niece (who is 4 months old) and she mostly just sat there and smiled a little bit and then cried a lot because she got her booster shots and was grumpy as a result. Babies are cute especially when the crying stops at the end of the phone call! I mean usually I don’t like babies but this one is related to me so she’s much cuter. This morning I’m watching Cheer Perfection on TLC and every woman on here has Crazy Eyes. Do you think there’s a normal woman whose kid wants to be on this team and she just has to ignore all these psycho moms?
    Anyway, it’s one week until my 30th birthday and I kinda want to do something crazy but most likely I’ll just keep doing normal stuff.

    • Also remember how we were all sharing embarrassing moments? Well yesterday I had another one! I was leaving work at the same time as this guy I know and we were talking and at one point (unbeknownst to me) he turned in a different direction but of course I kept talking for awhile after he left. Super cool.

  37. Well, I’m having a pretty good day. But I may be thinking way too deeply about the meaning of life and such, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not really meant to be a homeowner in the ‘burbs. I’m seriously thinking that I would like to move with my husband to maybe a beach or a New England town on the shore and just get a no-brainer job and take walks and read on my time off. I’m just kind of sick of the corporate world, the rushing around in a mini SUV, putting up with the drama of my girlfriends, charity work that doesn’t really fulfill me, and the demands that society as a whole puts on me. Sorry to get so deep, but that’s how my day is going. Maybe I’ve watched Office Space too many times, but I’m really starting to think that we weren’t meant to be like this.

    • Well, at least your not cooking meth.

      I too dream of moving to a specific beach-town in New England, but then I’m reminded I need money to finance that and the only way to do that is to keep working. Then I get sad and have a cookie.

      • Thanks, specialk. A delivery truck is unloading its precious sugary cargo at the Girl Scout office across the street from my work right now. Maybe it’s a sign of something.

        • …to rob them blind. I can see it now. They have 50,000 shortbread cookies and a small hidden stash of Tagalongs. It’s like a Pollos Hermanos truck. Aannd back to meth.

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