• This is just a good picture of Wil Wheaton drinking his morning coffee in the bathrobe we’d expect to see. -WilWheaton
  • Dave Grohl Interviews Nas On Chelsea Lately -Stereogum
  • Hollywood Stars Spell Profit On Broadway -NewYorkTimes
  • The 20 Definitive Monty Python Movie GIFs -Uproxx
  • Behind The Scenes at the Puppy Bowl (Spoiler alert: PUPPIES!) -TIME (Thanks for the tip, Christopher!)
  • You know you want to see Justin Bieber’s SNL promo. -NBC
  • Inside The Best Picture Nominees: A Deep Dive Into Argo -PopWatch
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  • Sophia Grace & Rosie look precious as ever at a book signing for Tea Time With Sophia Grace & Rosie -BuzzFeedCeleb
  • Goodbye, Saturday Mail: Was Cosmo Kramer ahead of his time? Boston asks the important questions. -Boston
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  1. Yay that boston.com got a shout-out! One of my greatest joys living in this city is reading boston.com, which is the internet arm of the Boston Globe, which is a real newspaper owned by the NYT and covers a major metropolitan area. And yet last week front page news was an article about how a little stone lion was found one morning on the porch of a house in Wellesley. Not that it had been stolen, but that it had mysteriously appeared. This was a full article with pictures! Boston, you are a real city with murders and everything! You don’t need to report on this junk!

    • Also, television news is always reporting on turkeys! There are a bunch of wild turkeys in Boston and surrounding cities, and every single time one’s spotted the news crews high-tail it to report on location. You’re the best, Boston! Never change!

    • Even though I now live in Chicago, I still read the Globe (thanks for letting me use your account, mom!) and boston.com all the time. It’s my favorite connection to home.

  2. Fessin’ up time: am I the only one who cannot stand to even look at Wil Wheaton? Let alone be aprised of his personality even accidentally?

    I just want to throttle him…

  3. Dave Grohl…..interviews…..Nas…..on Chelsea Lately……

    I am still trying to make sense of even one part of that sentence.

  4. Aaaaahhhhhh Monty Python!!! :D They forgot the best one: “All People…Standing in Water…Should be Taxed……….Oh.”

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