Simple. You go up to her, tell her she looks like Taylor Swift, get nervous, walk away. It might take you a couple of tries, but you are going to get this down pat in no time! Other popular how to searches include:

How to tie a tie around a watermelon.
The best way to change a tire into a toilet.
What to do if you see someone who looks like Dame Judi Dench in the library.

Guys, it’s always fun to learn new things and master a new skill! Keep learning your whole life! #DietCoke (Via SayOMG.)

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  2. So if you see Taylor Swift, throwing Diet Coke at her isn’t the right answer? I’m so confused!

  3. Protip: stand with creepily straight Frankenstein arms while talking. You’re doing great! You’ll be dating her in no time or whatever.

  4. She was a lot more patient with that dude than I would have been. Actually, everyone was more patient than I would have been. YOU ARE IN A LIBRARY WHY ARE YOU TALKING IN A LIBRARY DON’T MAKE ME SHUSH YOU BRO.

  5. If you’re a third party at the table PRETEND NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

  6. I knew he was trouble when he walked in.

  7. If he liked it he should’ve put a ring on it.

  8. The most important thing to do in that situation is to act Swiftly.

  9. I thought he did pretty well.

  10. This happened to me once, but I stopped halfway to hit on a guy who looked like Kanye instead.

  11. The library is the WORST place to check out girls. You never know who’s handled them before, and you owe extra fines if you bring them back late.

  12. Clearly he should have told her “I have a backstage pass to your RED concert in Indianapolis (i think) and I’m doing the backstage thing will you be there so we could all meet you? I REALLY WANT YOU TOO!!”

  13. I watched the longer video of this, and it’s actually pretty funny. We did these experiments in some sociology class when I was in college… But ONCE AGAIN I cannot get over this weird study area were students make videos at BYU. Is it a library or a common area or union or what? Why is it so loud? Why does it look like a hellish cafeteria with no food? Why is the florescent lighting like that and EVERYWHERE? I would not be able to study here. I would just sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair, filled with anxiety, until the surroundings gave me an all-out panic attack.

    I’m more afraid of this building than drowning tea clowns.

    • Do you mean the “Fitting in with people” one? Because I just found it strange and a little depressing…they are apparently trying to mess people people, but everyone is just really nice and patient with this stranger.

      • Yes but they’re doing it awkwardly and terribly on purpose. It’s a really common sociological experiment where you sort of mess with boundaries in not obvious but super uncommon ways. Like going out with a friend and drinking from their glass and finding out their reaction. Unfortunately this little experiment is really really well known on small campuses so we often went outside of our school to do it because everyone is expecting it.

        Also, I don’t think they’re being nice and patient at all. They seem really hostile with a smile and passive aggressive ala Mitt Romney / Stepford Wives.

  14. I feel this is the sequel to the time I was in the library and a girl asked me if I was Ben from Growing Pains.

    I was not.

    • I had a girl tell me that I looked really familiar a few weeks ago, but she couldn’t figure out who she was thinking of. She did not believe me when I told her that I was the drummer for N’Sync

    • I am usually told I look like Ben Affleck or Hilary Swank from Boys Don’t Cry.

      • We have an older autistic man who volunteers for us every Monday and he tells me I look like an MTV VJ from the 90s? Who wore combat boots maybe?

  15. Drowning tea clowns are scary? Are they noisy and poorly lit too?

  16. I CANT’ WAIT to hear the song this woman writes about this.

  17. We have a library patron who is both facially and vocally an (slightly younger) Alan Alda doppelganger. I have to stop myself from acting like this whenever he comes in.

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