Come on, baby. It’s over. Get over it. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. This is why I’m not a parent. I simply must know the latest pop song the minute it comes out and be over it and roll my eyes at everyone who’s “into” it the following week.

  2. This kid’s so behind the times she chooses the iron when she plays Monopoly.

  3. Keep the love alive, kid!

    - someone who is a little too fond of the safety dance.

  4. The little girl’s reaction > Baby dancing

  5. This has got “Mom shares on Facebook with the comment ‘too cute!’” written all over it.

  6. This child looks terrified! As if she has no idea why her limbs are doing that.

    • or why her sister is laughing so hard. I think maybe Mom stopped filming because big sis threw up from laughing.

  7. OH, kid, I got something FOR YOU:

  8. Have you guys all heard the Kidz Bop version? I won’t post it because it’s terrible but it contains the repeated line, “Heyyyyy, hey lady!”

  9. To have restless leg syndrome at such a young age is bad enough, but restless arm syndrome on top of it? Too much to bear.

  10. I wonder what the other six kids in the back of that Excursion are thinking? Probably, something along the lines of, “mom and dad, quit being so selfish by playing this song and ruining the planet you bastards!”. Amiright?

  11. Sure, it’s cute until they realize the child is having a seizure.

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