Did you guys watch the Puppy Bowl? I apologize if that seems like a ridiculous question. I only ask because, I hate to admit this, but I did not even watch one second of the Puppy Bowl this year, because I watched the Super Bowl at an apartment that did not get Animal Planet. Yeah. I KNOW. In 2013! It was a nightmare, knowing that in every other home all around me people were gathered together in front of their television sets looking at adorable puppies tumbling over each other on a faux football field, while I was watching the actual Super Bowl like a damn chump. “Oh, who’s winning?” “Oh, The Ravens.” “Oh, when’s the blackout going to end?” “Oh, they have no idea.” “Oh great, can you pass me a snack?” “Sure thing.” UGH. I hope you enjoyed the Puppy Bowl enough for both of us, though. At least we still have a whole Internet ocean of animal videos to help us through this cold life! LET’S GET TO THEM, LET’S GOOOOO!

10. Dog “Sings Along” With Office Theme

9. Cat Would Like You To Share

8. Teddy Bear, The Porcupine, Predicts Super Bowl Winner

7. Mother Rat Fetches Her Babies

6. Baby Girl And Baby Goat

5. Dog Retrieves Mail From Mailman

4. Cat Dominos

3. Does A Sloth Sink Or Swim?

2. Super Monkey Rides A Turtle

1. Baby Panda Climbs On Mom’s Back

UGH, PANDA BABY YOU ARE ADORABLE! I want to assure all of you guys that this panda baby’s mom is NOT as dead as she looks. I’m almost sure of it. In the description of the video it says that she is “playing dead” but it looks to me like she is sleeping. Right? She’s asleep? Pretty sure she’s asleep. MONKEY ON A TURTLE, YOU ARE VERY CUTE! I guess all it takes to take one of the top spots is to get on the back of another animal. WHO KNEW? The sloth video is informative and therefor not generally the type of video you find here in the Petting Zoo, but I thought it might be helpful in case any of you were taking any boating trips soon. DO NOT PICK UP THE SLOTHS, EVEN IF you know they’re going to look so cool sitting in your boat. “Cat Dominos” is obviously just a very good video, and the dog who fetches the mail is just super sweet. THANK YOU, EVERYONE, AND CONGRATULATIONS!

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  1. I love how in the dog retrieving the mail video, after the dog takes the mail, he kinda wanders around the yard until the mailman waves him along and it looks as if the dog’s like “OH, right, right that’s what I was doing”

  2. I wish that baby goat would run (sideways, hopping) away from that mean little girl and straight into my open arms. Goat vids 4eva.

  3. Did I watch the Puppy Bowl?

  4. I really want my dog to sing along with songs or at least with other bassets on youTube. I saw this one youTube video of a basset singing along with a youTube video of bassets, and I was hoping that would inspire him but no dice! Any advice on this serious problem?

    Of course, as soon as I played #9 with the crinkling food bag, he perked up and looked around with great interest.

  5. Is anyone else obsessed with the sounds that are coming out of that porcupine’s mouth?

  6. Sloths are the best

  7. Ugh, why do kids have to put everything in their fucking mouths? And make those sounds?

  8. Ohhhh man that momma rat is so good look at her carrying those babies. You wrangle those baby rats, rat mom!

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