God, doesn’t being a famous person in Hollywood seem great? You have champagne with every meal. You spend your evenings in Paris. All of your linens are so nice. You get to have an arc as the love interest of whichever New Girl character you want whenever you want. YOUR HOUSE? THE HOUSE YOU GET TO HAVE? Give me a break about the house you get to have when you are a famous person in Hollywood. And also, everyone famous gets to hang out with every other famous person and it’s not even weird at all because you’re all famous and equally as beautiful and handsome (correct?) and you all just GET IT. And all that’s left for the rest of us to do is caption it, as if we have any idea.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, sir. (Kenneth joke.) (Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Wow, Kenneth’s stunt double is even hotter than Kenneth.

  2. I hope Gabe recaps True Blood this year, especially if Kenneth is going to be a part of it.

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that all celebrities are on the same Page or Program.

  4. It’s weird to see Kenneth having someone else carry a drink for him.

  5. Just two immortals enjoying a latte.

  6. Whoa, who knew that Mom’s friend Ron was such a hottie!

  7. Despite of this page, I am still just a vamp in some shades.

  8. Jack McBrayer and Alexander Skarsgard spotted leaving the painted skull store today…

  9. “I can’t believe they cancelled ’30 Rock,’ Jack. That’s just really Sooks.”

  10. McSkars

  11. Something about the way they’re standing reminded me of the Brokeback Mountain poster and then… I don’t know. This happened.

    It didn’t seem as weird when I started.

  12. “Just two neat guys hanging out” – The Stone Mountain Herald

  13. What can I say, I just really like Pages


  15. Enjoy your drugs!

  16. “When he lets go of my hand I’m gonna make a break for it.” – Jack McBrayer

  17. We all agree, no one looks cool

  18. Interchangeable hair

  19. Kenneth gets all the hot guys. He is my nemesis.

  20. No wonder Fangtasia started a page program.

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