How are you feeling? I read an article recently (not true) (I mean I have read articles recently, lots of them, I read articles all the time, but what I’m about to tell you now is 100% not true or at least not something that I have ever read, maybe it is true, I don’t know) that around 3:30PM on Tuesdays is the point during the week when most people feel the worst. Just in general. Even worse than 11PM on Sunday nights, which is what most people would guess. (Also not true, none of this is true.) It’s not Monday, but the week still is nowhere near over. It’s not the 9AM, but you still have a lot of work left to do before you can go home and dig a hole in your backyard to rest in until morning. You just ate lunch and you feel like garbage. Should you have another coffee? I don’t know, will it keep you up all night? Remember when you were young and it didn’t even matter what time of day you drank of cup of coffee? Ugh. Well have I got JUST the video of a tiny girl being so excited about a dumb old train FOR YOU, FAKE PERSON I MADE UP FOR THE SAKE OF THIS BLOG POST!

The best. Today we are not all Madeline looking at her first up-close train, but we CAN be if we just LET OURSELVES! (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. Aww, this little girl has a lot in common with my elderly uncle.

  2. Ohhhhhhh goodness I needed this so bad.

  3. As a bonus, the baby in the background is also pretty happy to see the train.

  4. I hope she’s not too disappointed when she finds out Ringo Starr isn’t on that train.

  5. You’re actually pretty close–someone did a study and found that women look our worst at 3:30 pm on Wednesdays. Seriously.

  6. What a little sweetie. Taking kids to see their favorite stuff is one of the best parts of having kids.

  7. This should be a new feature. Every first Tuesday in February, I demand an update on that little girl.

  8. You guys! I was trying to buy a book for my niece (she’s 4 months) and Mr. Truck was talking about how she’s gonna grow up and start learning about the world and man, is it so cool to think about the first time anybody experiences anything amazing! Like those cats in snow! and the old lady with the pop rocks! And me when I first found out about Videogum!

  9. A charming

  10. Why is this not longer? I want to see her reactions while on the train!

  11. My cold, dark heart, resigned to the dead-end that my life is becoming, is not above enjoying this immensly.

  12. “More sand.”

  13. We have trains go by my work quite a few times each day, and the little kids get so excited! They all run to the windows and stare at the train until it’s gone. Yesterday, I saw a Barnum and Bailey circus train, and it was the longest train I’ve ever seen! It took a good five minutes for it to go by. My reaction was similar but not as adorable as this girl’s.

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