• Bill Murray is sporting an amazing moustache these days. Proof: this cell phone pic of Bill’s moustache & Bob Newhart! -SeriouslyOMG
  • Gov. Chris Christie’s Letterman doughnut gag: what a gag. -VillageVoice
  • ‘Honest Movie Trailers’ returns with Skyfall -ScreenJunkies
  • Mr. T has a new YouTube series, Ask Mr. T. (Anyone else have a “Mr. T In Your Pocket”? He gives me ALL my advice!) -HyperVocal
  • Breaking Bad‘s Return Will Be “Hank-centric” -Vulture
  • “I’m An English Professor In A Movie” by Teddy Wayne -McSweeney’s
  • Michael Bay Talks Transformers 4 Redesigns -/Film
  • Community returns to NBC this Thursday. Here’s the new 4th Season trailer! -NBC
  • Which TV Shows Would You Force A Significant Other To Watch? -ShmittenKitten
  • Billy Eichner plays “It’s Spock! Do You Care?” with Zachary Quinto -BillyOnTheStreet
  • Michael Phelps and his mom cried really hard at the Super Bowl and it was adorable. -TMZ
  • “I Went To The Screening Of Parker At The Playboy Mansion (And It Was Kinda Depressing)” -VICE
  • Confirmed: The Magic Mike Musical will include audience lap dances. So, there’s that! -FilmDrunk
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  1. YOU GUYS. I saw that Teddy Wayne link on Facebook yesterday, and I thought it was funny and looked up his book on Goodreads and saw that he had a giveaway going so I entered it. The giveaway ended last night and I WON! I am so happy! I never win anything like this! This week is looking great!

  2. Trying to think how they could possibly have Breaking Bad’s return NOT be Hank-centric.

  3. “Which TV Shows Would You Force A Significant Other To Watch?” I assumed the correct answer was EVERYTHING

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