Tell your boss you’re taking the morning off. This is all a bit too much. (Via TWBE.)

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  1. Hmm… I’m cat person, but *spoiler alert* this is not adorable enough to make up for the lack of anything happening.

    Maybe I’m still traumatized from the night a guy I had just started dating chose Easy Rider for our video of the night. I had never seen it, but uh, that is not what I was expecting from a new beau situation. Fast forward to another guy who chose Cool Hand Luke. Good movies, yes. Date movies, no.

    • I saw Dancer In The Dark on a first date… hard to gain any romantic momentum after that. Now i watch von Trier movies only with people that find me physically repulsive.

    • The only time I have seen Blazing Saddles was on a date, and so I have not so much “seen” it as “had it on in the background while I made out for two hours.”

    • Ugh, I am the worst when it comes to making the good actual movie/good date movie distinction. You know what works really well as a date movie? the first half of Drive. You know what works AWFULLY as a date movie? The second half of Drive.

      My DVD collection/taste in movies does not cater to this type of thing, and so I am left with generally left with either comedies everyone has seen a billion times (Superbad, The Hangover) or absolutely amazing movies that are very far from any semblance of a date movie (No Country for Old Men, Do the Right Thing). I usually go with the comedies.

      • To be fair, I was still happy to be introduced to both movies. Good movie taste is hot, just maybe not in the moment with these.

        • Yup. If a girl tells me her favorite movie is No Country for Old Men, that is awesome, but in no way do I ever want to watch that movie on a date (and thankfully never have). And now I am laughing at the idea of trying to pull off something romantic during the gas station scene from that movie.

    • For years, my go-to first date movie was Eraserhead. 9 times out of 10, the date ended horribly. But when it didn’t, ooo weee, Katie bar the door.

  2. You guys I drank way too much during a Drag Race viewing party and now I’m still drunk at work trying to edit this meeting agenda and it is really hard.


    (These cats are great and definitely helping though.)

  3. “This is not acceptable!” I screamed as Kathy drowned

  4. I am worried that none of these cats appear to be watching the road. Who gave them licenses? This is madness.

  5. I hope that the extended cut doesn’t follow the source material too closely. I would hate to see these cats (spoilers) get shot by rednecks and left to die on the side of the road.

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