Based on his recent success as a viral video superstar (we did it!), Joel Bauer, aka, “The Business Card Guy,” was a guest on Red Eye With Greg Gutfield last night. At first, when I saw his laughing, smiling, happy-to-be there face and heard him say his Business Card Guy video was just a character created by the video’s director (Troy??), I was crestfallen, but then he totally launched into crazy infotainer motivational speaker content-less ranting and raving and everything was okay in the world again! Here it is!:

(They included the entire original Business Card Guy video because Fox News viewers probably do not understand inside jokes, so I cut that off. Here it is.)

Whew. That’s the Joel we know and love. I love this guy more every time I see him! If you’ve somehow missed out on the Joel Bauer phenomenon (ahem, two of my friends), take a scroll through our Business Card Guy archives. It’s the single most important thing you can do to improve your life and gain wealth beyond your wildest dreams, today.

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  1. FoxNewsIsTheWay  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 -1

    Awkward smile and posture from right-wing hate pundit in red blouse at 2:50. P.S. Joel Bauer just kept a Fox News host quiet for four minutes without shouting.

  2. yomomma  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 -5

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  3. He is such a liar! That is not a character, that is him! He just can’t help himself. And I love how he holds things. He tries very carefully to not cover the items he’s showing so he uses just one finger a lot to hold something.

  4. My day = made.

  5. After Glenn Beck’s head explodes because he’s not gonna take it anymore(!), can we have a Joel Bauer show?


  7. Who emitted that gigantic hiccup at 3:12?

    Also, I’m going to start saying “for less than the cost of a dollar” whenever appropriate.

  8. Best moments:
    1)” It has your name on it. It says Greg…. ummm… Gutfeld.”
    2) The pop-up book. Seriously didn’t see that coming.
    3) The man-lady in the china pattern shirt.
    4) Transparent “tool time” dig. Pot to kettle: Hi!

  9. The last 10 seconds… His ‘smile’ made my soul freeze. I need a shower.

  10. huh  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 -3

    Oh Noes!!1!!111 Fox News!!1111!!!! I hate Fox News!!!!!!1!11!

    Even though I’ve never watched it.

  11. Why am I not surprised at all that this giant, know-it-all ass was on Fox news? This is like the end of Free Willy, when gets to return to his own kind. This is where he belongs; I know you’re going to miss him, but he’ll be happier here; other Disney inspired letting-the-thing-you-love-go euphemisms. Alligator tears, music by Brandy, rolling credits.

  12. He said it’s a character from the trade show floor: so it’s just an outsize personality that he adopts when trying to sell things to people. But it’s not like he’s acting… it’s just an exaggerated version of himself. I guess he was just trying to point out that he isn’t that loud IRL as he was in the video? Or some other hilariously small distinction.

  13. this guy.. Greg Gutfield? He seems awful. Just awful.

  14. Ben  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 +1

    Less than the COST of a dollar?!

  15. Can you imagine if you combined Joel Bauer with Jack Bauer? That person would be the most unstoppable, persuasive person ever.

  16. Frankie Gamwell  |   Posted on Apr 29th, 2009 0

    This Joel Bauer has just gotta be a huge joke on everyone. Come on! you can have a book with your name as the author that he will write for you? A popup brochure and business cards that don’t fit in your pocket, nevermind your wallet.

  17. P.T. Barnum-esque schadenfreude. This is truly worthy of contemplation…

    Joel Bauer appears to me as doing what
    P.T. Barnum did with the phrase “There’s a
    sucker born every minute” as described… See More
    in the 32 minute from which his viral meme
    was born…

    The Pitch, Poker & The Public =>
    That’s the documentary where the video
    the now famous viral video Your Business
    Card Is Crap! came from.

    Joel Bauer is claiming credit via
    for the viral success =>,8599,1891285,00.html

    I emailed a letter to the editor at Time,
    and I have yet to hear back.

    and here on Fox News Joel Bauer takes credit
    for the viral success =>

    This is funny, in a meta-recursive kind
    of truthiness and loopholery kind of way.

    Chris Zubryd deserves the credit =>

    The irony is that Joel Bauer stole credit with a YouTube video called Business Card FAIL.

    In terms of law of attraction…

    Joel, careful what kind of energy you put out there, because sometimes the labels we use come back around to haunt us.

    I’m just sayin’ You do a great character!

    Thanks for the meme.


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