Obviously none of us are fans of watching eating contests, right? Like, even when it’s not the hot dog contest on TV or a pie eating contest at the local fair or whatever and instead it’s just our friends or relatives and one of them tells the other than they’ll give them some amount if they eat whatever in whatever amount of time, that is something that we all generally try to put a stop to, or at least a situation from which we always try to remove ourselves? Not only because it is gross but also because it makes us feel sad? ARE YOU ALL SAYING YES? I’ll assume you are all saying yes and move on to apologizing for showing you this video of Famous Eater Kobayashi eating an entire Dominos pizza in one minute at a Super Bowl party at which he was hired to appear, surrounded by awful dudes screaming at him and taking video with their cellphones. This is all very bad, yes, and I’m sorry, but WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT IT?

What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About It?

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  1. Definitely the softening with water. DEFINITELY.

  2. I can’t believe only one guy in that whole room of nerds knows the correct way to hold his iPhone when taking a video.

  3. First off, eating a pizza like that is called “shotgunning” it.

    Second, that pizza is not that big which makes me think that in my drunker, fatter moments in life, I might not have taken very long to eat it.

    Third, the best part of this video is the guy in white’s face which goes from “oh yeah!” to “uh no” over the course of the minute.

  4. Quite the contrary. As someone that suffer from IBS, I’m incredibly jealous of his stomach.

  5. My favorite part is that I didn’t watch it.

  6. My least favorite part is at the beginning, where he pre-digests his food by spitting all over the pizza

  7. Here we witness the major fault of Industrial Japan and their stringent 3 minute lunch breaks.

  8. I once participated in a kimchi eating contest. I held my own, but since my stomach wasn’t immediately wrecked, I don’t think I ate enough to deserve the prize.

    • (Well obviously I didn’t, since I didn’t win. I don’t know why I said “think” and it’s bothering me enough that I’m adding this comment.)

  9. The music that is playing is also really bad, yo.

  10. Not enough winking Herman Cain.

  11. can i talk about the superbowl for a minute? specifically the blackout? specifically my amazing joy and excitement about the blackout? i left the party i was at with a few friends who were similarly ecstatic- we drove downtown and gawked at the completely dark superdome, surrounded by all the glittering ostentatious lights of the central business district and the fifty foot tall liquor ads. it was like watching the narrative of new orleans being okay fucking die on primetime. i was looking at the dead heart of the city, crammed full of rich assholes who see this place as just another place to throw a party. when i first came back to new orleans after the storm, whenever i saw the superdome i felt so overwhelmed and terrible. i used to tell people that it was like that shot in ‘the shining’ where you see the overlook for the first time. and last night it sort of felt like that again, just for a moment, which is not to say that it is a good thing, but it always somehow feels good for me to remember, and for other people to see, just how close to crumbling this place is.

    • I know, right? THE WHOLE PIZZA!! LOLOLOL

    • It did remind me of Katrina, though obviously not in as profound a way. But when the lights went out, my first thought wasn’t “what’s going to happen with the football game,” it was “I never want to see the lights go out at the Superdome ever again.”

      • right, it just felt like doom, and honestly i feel doom pretty constantly around here so it was kind of like watching my psychic anxiety over living in this place projected to millions and millions of sports fans. it felt like the most profound example of bread and circuses i had ever personally seen.

  12. Sometimes if I eat too fast, food gets stuck in my esophagus and it’s really painful. Or vitamins. That memory was the worst part of this video. And also the apple I ate yesterday.

    • Geez, slow down! I’m worried about you!

    • I know what you mean. I also have trouble eating an apple when I’m surrounded by frat boys yelling “Faster! Faster! 20 seconds!”

    • You’re not supposed to eat the core ;)
      We love you and want you to be careful when you eat so you can live another billion years and tell stories about our feats of strength to our grandkittens.

      • Thanks everyone! Sometimes I just get really excited about apples and vitamins and don’t pace myself like I should. Also it would be my fate to choke on a vegetarian holistic vitamin, mostly because I hate irony.

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  14. I once at 15 slices of pizza in one sitting (not in one minute but not bad for a then 130-pound high schooler).

    Why am I telling you? Because I tell everyone.

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