As of today, February 4th, Valentine’s Day is only ten days away. “Oh no! BUT I DIDN’T MAKE ANY RESERVATIONS YET AND NOW ALL OF THE NICE RESTAURANTS WILL BE FULL AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I DO THIS EVERY YEAR AND I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD JUST SET SOME SORT OF REMINDER FOR MYSELF ON MY PHONE BUT THEN IT’S LIKE I;M PROBABLY GOING TO BE GETTING AN IPHONE 5 THIS YEAR AT SOME POINT SO, LIKE, WILL THE REMINDER BE CARRIED OVER TO THE NEW PHONE WHEN THEY SWITCH ALL OF MY CONTACTS OVER AND EVERYTHING OR AM I GOING TO HAVE TO SET A NEW REMINDER TO SET THE REMINDER AND IF SO WHEN SHOULD I YET SET IT FOR?, AND MORE PRESSINGLY, WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GO TO DINNER THIS YEAR?!” That’s you and I’m sorry! I don’t know! Maybe instead of going to dinner you can take your loved one to a dark field and shout about how much you love her on a stage with some other guys shouting about how much they love their wives like these men in Tokyo did, in a public expression of love that is very, very sweet even though the way I’m describing it makes it sound not so sweet and kind of weird and creepy? Look:

Awwww. DON’T HOLD HER TOO TIGHT! And if this specific thing isn’t your bag, maybe you can try one of these fun ideas that I had just now:

  • Go to your loved one’s workplace dressed up like a big flower. Say to the receptionist, “Flower delivery for [name]!” Have the receptionist take you by the hand and lead you to your loved one so you do not trip on the way. When you get to her desk do not say anything. You are meant to be a flower & should not ruin the illusion.
  • Paint your loved one’s car pink, over the windows and everything so he or she can’t see inside, and hide inside. When the door is opened scream, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIII LOVE YOU!”
  • If you are in a long-distance relationship, put out a Craigslist ad in your love one’s city for men or women who look like you. Hire the ones who look most similar and sprinkle them throughout his or her daily routine (gym, workplace, apartment building, etc.) and have them whisper “I love you so much” as he or she passes them.
  • Wear a shirt that says “I’m in love with stupid” and get your loved one a shirt that says “I’m stupid.”
  • Get lots of paper lanterns and set them off somewhere and then go on a fancy trip someplace nice.

None of those are quite as sweet as the public declaration of love in Tokyo, but I think they all come PRETTY close. Happy Valentine’s Day! Good luck! (Via 22Words.)

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  1. Did they dub over the Japanese with Japanese accented English? Or just like, electronic dictionary stilted English? Either way, weird!

  2. On Valentine’s day, I like to put on a trench coat and express my love to as many women on the subway as possible.

  3. I definitely thought the Craigslist ad one was going to be about how much you like pina coladas.

  4. I’m just gonna log on to Videogum and upvote every comment Heimaey has ever made. THAT IS WHY I DIDN’T UPVOTE YOU LAST WEEK, I WANTED TO MAKE IT SPECIAL, WAY TO RUIN IT!

  5. I’m definitely getting the “stupid” T-shirts. But my husband has to wear the “I’m stupid” one.

  6. Every Valentines day my boyfriend and I go out with our single friends and make sure they either get too drunk to hook up and/or sabotage any possible connections – basically we ensure they go home alone. Then we leave them and say “bye guys, so glad I don’t have to go home alone tonight. So glad I”m in a relationship.”

  7. This year, like every year, I will be wearing all black, waiting outside the Louvre, waiting for Tilda Swinton to show. #letsmakethisyeartheyear!

  8. Also, that poor girl. If she is using “Fabulous” and “Manly” to describe her boyfriend…well…she’ll find out..

  9. I’m going to do what I do every year, which is to express my love to all of my celeb boyfriends by ranking them by hotness on a public website.

  10. I am going to see A Good Day to Die Hard because it comes out in Canada on Valentine’s Day, which is perfect.

  11. Last year I made my bf a zombie survival kit, but then he found out that day that he was transferring far away. I never gave it to him, it’s sitting in my closet.

    Valentine’s day makes me feel stabby.

  12. Did anyone else notice that that one shirtless guy had numerous scars around his nipple?

  13. My coworker’s husband once tried to deliver flowers to her at work. Thing is, we work on a locked psychiatric ward for acutely psychotic young adults. And he brought a glass vase. And the guy who answered the door is a very grumpy old man and told him to leave. Nothing says love like your wife getting stabbed at work with the vase you gave her while a patient eats the roses.

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