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  1. My personalized Netflix queue category would read:

    Remotely Interesting Movies You Will Get Around To Putting On But Then Only Watch the First Five Minutes Before Scanning In Fast-Forward Another Five Minutes and Ultimately Turning Off and Doing Something Else

    • Mine would be:

      “Dumb, but fun movies that you watch when your girlfriend is out of town and you get drunk and eat terrible food but now that you are single, here are some tvs shows that fit the same description because you are going to be sitting around drinking alone a lot more now”

  2. I’m always like, “Don’t pigeonhole me, Netflix! You don’t know my life!”

    • had to kick some friends off my netflix account. Way too many suggestions based on my seemingly rabid tastes for HIMYM and Toddlers and Tiaras (ugh, kill me)

    • I went to upvote you and but hit downvote instead; it was an accident! I’m sorry. I’m only telling you this so you don’t wonder why someone was so mad about you thinking Netflix doesn’t know your life.

  3. I never heard of Hanksy before but now I think he’s my new favorite artist.

  4. I hate wearing heels but I would try to wear those r2 ones

  5. I dunno, I thought those R2D2 heels were pretty sexy.

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