Happy Halloween, ladies. Red rum! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Definitely didn’t expect to find this here today.

  2. I got nothin but bad jokes about a sequel to Quills that misses the point. BUT old man fatima! I have a weekend date update! Indian food for dinner, then a gallery opening, then a birthday party. And a blueberry pancake breakfast picnic in the park between the bison and the half marathoners! Wheee dates!

  3. I think my favorite thing about my boyfriend (aside from the porcupines, that is), is the fact that he is 100% guaranteed to murder me. It’s just nice to not have to wonder about that anymore.

  4. Wow what a catch ladies that hair-do is to die(dye) for!

  5. Why didn’t that porcupine stab him in the face with his quills? If some creepy man who is vastly under-dressed for the winter is grabbing at my midsection, tugging my feet, and messing with my breakfast chock full of fiber and splinters, I would quill that guy to the max.

    Okay. Rant over. Getting my 2nd cup of coffee now.

  6. I don’t know what that was, but I really did not like it.

  7. I played the last five seconds of that video four times to confirm what he was saying. Then I saw your caption under the video: “Happy Halloween, ladies. Red rum!”


  8. Sometimes people try too hard to be creepy and it’s not really all that creepy. And then other times people try soooo hard to be creepy that it actually makes it even more creepy, just on a different level.

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