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  • In honor of Portia DeRossi’s 40th birthday, Ellen DeGeneres acts out Portia’s life story -Celebuzz
  • Here’s a crowd-sourced Dunder-Mifflin Super Bowl ad that aired “in Scranton, and only in Scranton.” -Grantland


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  1. This is a gif of my dog I took this morning. Just because.

  2. Does Portia DeRossi turning 40 mean Lucille is going to insult Lindsay’s age as well as her weight and looks on Arrested Development now? Because I love it when Lucille is awful, which is all the time.

  3. I know the Puppy Bowl scandal link is tongue in cheek, but where do they get the puppies from? Do they adopt puppies from shelters or do they use puppy mills? What happens to the puppies after they’re done puppying?

  4. Not sure why Jalopnik left out Walt Jr.’s PT Cruiser as if it wasn’t one of the raddest cars in the game. It’s even purple.

    • And the Challenger!!!

        • I also did not appreciate the write-ups for Skyler or Marie. Really dropped the ball.

          Re: Marie’s New Beetle. Marie LOVES purple. It’s all over the house, in her fashion, decor, etc. So why is her 2000-something new beetle the color blue? Because they don’t make purple as a factory color. So I imagine Marie went with the closest color to purple she could get.

          Was that so hard? Now psycho-analyze Marie’s ‘choice’ not to get a custom paint job, while conveniently ignoring the price and practicality from a tv production standpoint.

  5. Don’t be jealous, but I saw the Dunder Mifflin ad during the Superbowl last night. Because I’m Scrantonian.

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