Katie Couric once went on a date with Larry King. Please see below.

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  1. I haven’t read the article yet, but is this public handjob from the date or another time? Either way, my weekend is now ruined.

  2. Gross
    Go to Jail,

    Larry King

  3. I could try to make a comment about how weird and nonsensical that article is but I think I’ll just paste this here. It speaks for itself:

    Still, Couric handled the situation with class. “So I said, ‘Larry, you’re such an interesting, nice man. But I would like to meet someone a little closer to my age,’” she said. “And it was like, ‘Wah, wah.’ And he said, ‘That’s OK, because when I like, I really like.’”

    • Larry likey.

      • So and can we rewind the tape for a moment. Katie has made cute on this story and no one is calling her on it. She tells the story in a giggle fluff up my hair way — so SHE like the little damsel — and old Larry — well no way for saying anything. Hell, at this point, I doubt he can do much more than drool. But I’m uneasy with this one.

        So score Katie — you get some attention with a “naughty” little story and you are still America’s Sweetheart. Except……. you didn’t say anything publicly 30 years ago, or 20 years ago or 10 years ago. You went out with a guy who was known to think he was A Player (he came from Miami like second tier Rat Pack) and giggle, you went up to his apartment ( uhm, you could have said no, called a taxi when you go the apartment, WHATEVER)… But you went along, you rebuffed him, and wow, sounds like was actually okay with it, didn’t rip off your little frock and actually got yourself home safely. You weren’t a trauma victim, or a person with resources if this had really freaked you out — you were already a rising media star.
        I’m not condoning what Larry did: I’d gag if Larry King lunged at me. I’m just saying that Katie played a little “almost kissed and tell.” Without acknowledging that DC was also a different time and place -And she’s old enough to know it.

  4. No one told me it was Creeper Friday today. I would have stayed in bed.

  5. Today I Learned: Larry King is still alive.

  6. I think she’s doing this to get back at Craig Ferguson, who is buddies with Larry King. If you don’t already know, Craig and Katie have been in a pretty intense feud since Star Magazine announced that Craig had sour grapes over Katie’s success.

    • That’s why we call him Craig “Sour Grapes” Ferguson. Hopefully Geoff will be able to smooth things over, once he is first lady of Australia.

      • GUYS, CRAIG GOT A BAND AND NO ONE TOLD ME? I miss the show for a bit and then all of a sudden there is a band?!


        • Technically it’s Geoff’s band. I don’t think it’s permanent. Did you see the Richie Sambora band week in December? It was honestly really good. Sambora kept up, which made me happy. They’ve been making a ton of jokes at his expense bc of Geoff’s new band, which I think has changed names every day. I doubt it’s a permanent thing.

  7. Geoff is shocked by this development. SHOCKED.

    (guys I really love Craig Ferguson)

  8. Billie Jean King was married to a guy named Larry King (before she came out) and for years I thought it was THE Larry King. Because if you’re talking about Larry King in a story and it’s not the super famous and super old CNN Larry King, you should definitely specify that fact. But tennis journalists just act as if everyone already knows! Well some of us don’t!!!

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