Last night was Jeff Goldblum’s debut on Law And Order: Criminal Intent, and the entire show was HILARIOUS, not just because of Jeff’s quirky, nerd-weirdo character, but because the plot was about a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters living in a huge loft and killing each other off in an effort to take over each other’s spots in a shitty band. AND there’s a red herring about how the murders could be caused by minorities in the neighborhood who think the hipsters are displacing them. It’s ripped from the 2002 headlines! Jeff Goldblum had a bunch of really funny lines, but I’m going to have to say this exchange, with the parents of the first dead hipster, was his best work on his first episode:

And if all that isn’t enough, one of the major clues in this case involved BEDBUGS. If you get a chance, I highly recommend catching the rerun of the episode, which is called “Rock Star.” (It airs either at midnight or 1:05 AM tonight, your guess from the official USA network schedule is as good as mine.)

Bonus: Jeff shows off on piano…

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  1. Well, actually Harry, it’s not a planet, it’s a star.

  2. I love the lady detective’s (sorry, I only watch SVU) concerned look when he starts describing the difference between a rapper and an MC. Totally going to watch the rerun.

  3. holy hell, if williamsburg is still considered a slum, then someone better tell those people who just paid 2 million for high-rise condos.
    also, i like the popped collar that jeff is rockin. he must have picked that up from a charismatic hipster-mc.

  4. I can already hear the “Jeff Goldblum explaining the difference between Rappers and MCs” remix set to some PHAT beats.

  5. scripted Jeff Goldblum should really start thinking about becoming a social worker at funerals!
    “An MC (…) has (…) to be someone very, very special.” aw…

  6. Can someone please Drunk up this little speech?


  7. Could this be our Dragnet punk episode?

  8. In these times of doom and gloom, all I want is Jeff Goldblum.

  9. I want to drunk the hell out of this video, but I can’t figure out a way to download it.

  10. I was going to say this was great, but duh, Jeff Goldblum’s body composition is 98% pure 24 karat WIN.

  11. Mable  |   Posted on Apr 27th, 2009 0

    One of the band members was played by Marc Eskenazi, a member of Albert Hammond Jr.’s band.

  12. That was his debut!? I walked in to my roommate watching, and I was so excited. I don’t usually watch Law and Order: CI but I stayed to watch. I’ve never regretted anything less. Jeff Goldblum = BEST

  13. aija  |   Posted on Apr 27th, 2009 +2

    because I like it, I’m good at it, and that kid is a killer

  14. As I was watching this I wondered what Videogum was going to say about it.

  15. LMurphy  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 +1

    He was awesome…he makes me laugh and educates me all at the same time. Really enjoyed him in this episode, and I’m glad he has joined the cast! They needed some humor to balance out the more brooding Goren episodes. Love them both :)

  16. Robin  |   Posted on Apr 29th, 2009 +1

    Aaaah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa

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