• This is just a picture of the Kardashian-Jenner Family in head-to-toe denim, also known as Texas Tuxedos! -Celebuzz
  • Funniest Moments: Al Pacino and Kevin Spacey on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman -Vulture
  • Jimmy Kimmel gets people to lie about having watched the Super Bowl (it hasn’t happened yet, liars!) -LaughingSquid
  • 11 New Images from The Place Beyond The Pines -Collider
  • The Most Underrated Directors In Cinema -Flavorpill
  • The Best Scenes From Insane Old Star Trek Coloring Books -io9
  • Donald Faison and CaCee Cobb are going to be parents! -JustJared
  • Lil Wayne’s new album cover (shoutout to Silence Of The Lambs) -Crunktastical
  • Alison Brie talks about her openness to “amazingly platonic foot massages” -WarmingGlow
  • Samsung’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and Bob Odenkirk -TheDailyDot
  • Jonah Ray talks to Emily Gordon (did you read Emily’s Nerd History yet?) and others on Jonah Raydio -Nerdist
  • “…Curtis and Padma shiver and eat it.” -Max Silvestri’s Top Chef: Seattle recaps continue to be amazing. -Eater
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  1. I believe that’s called a Canadian Tuxedo.

  2. Todd Solondz is wonderful. If you haven’t seen his trilogy (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness, Life During Wartime) then you haven’t felt the shear terror of loneliness. It’s something else!

  3. “Designed by Kanye West’s creative braintrust company DONDA,”

    already sold, I’ll buy 10,000 copies please and thank you

  4. God Bless you Mary Miller for that Star Trek coloring book link. I stole it and posted it to Facebook.

  5. Everything that comes out of Bob Odenkirk’s mouth is gold. I imagine that Big Plate commercial will get a lot of people who will recognize Paul Rudd for Paul Rudd, Rogen for Rogen, then SOME people will be like, “Hey, it’s Saul from Breaking Bad!” and then there will be a small subsection of Mr. Show lifers like myself, who knows that when Bob talks, you listen. #iLikeHashtags

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