I’m not sure if many of you remember the lip-synch controversy that surrounded Beyonce’s performance at President Barack Obama’s inauguration last week, just kidding, I’m sure it’s ALL YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT! I was at a party over the weekend during which a man honest-to-god screamed that he was 100% positive that Beyonce DID NOT lip synch during the inauguration and he had REAL ANGER in his voice. It made me very uncomfortable. Some of you guys even e-yelled at us for not talking about it! WELL CAN YOU AT LEAST RELAX KNOWING THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT NOW, PLEASE? Of course, the reason that we are talking about it now is that the Beyonce, during the Super Bowl press conference that aired this afternoon, both admitted to using a backing track at the inauguration, AND performed the National Anthem live, in order to quiet all of the jerks who both have no idea how common backing vocals are in situations like this and have no idea who Beyonce is and have never heard her sing before and think that maybe she doesn’t even have a good voice? You can never be too sure with wildly famous and beloved singers! But, Bey: Why did you do this? I’m glad you were able to clear the air, or whatever, and I suppose you wouldn’t want to leave the rumors hanging over another big performance, but did you really need to sing the song again? We do understand that you are very good at singing! And we are sure that you know the words to the National Anthem! You are still everyone’s favorite! You didn’t have to do this, lady; you have already proven yourself many times over! FIRE WHOEVER TOLD YOU TO DO THIS! In any case, though, that is how Beyonce’s day has been going, and now the lip-synching truth is out there to RUIN YOUR LIFE. “Who can I trust if not Beyonce?!” Ugh. Shut up. Except don’t shut up! How was your day otherwise? I hope it was good! Let’s talk about it!

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  1. If I could call a press conference to pretty much say ‘fuck you’ to my haters*, I totally would. Good on you, Bey. Spite press conferences are the best press conferences.

    My day is pretty good. I am going out to happy hour in a few minutes, so yaaaay!

    *hi mom!

  2. Pretty regular day! Work, VG commenting, twitter fun. I also ordered the new Grouper album because she’s great. Now I’m off to class to discuss the Diamond Sutra, which I love and am excited about. And tonight I will watch 30 Rock and be sad that it is over. And I am ok with that. Hope you guys all had good days!

  3. I ate four cookies this morning.

  4. My day/week is tangentially related to the Beyontroversy ’cause I moved to New Orleans last year which has been fine up until last week. There were six parades Saturday! I think there were three on Sunday, and then it’s just generally crazy ’cause of the Super Bowl and then a week after the Super Bowl is Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras. So my city is gonna be pretty much fucked for about a month and a half straight and it kinda sucks. Who would live here? Besides me, obviously.

  5. was watching the xfiles at 1 am and I SWEAR Mulder and Scully started talking about backing tracks or backmasking or alien tracks ANYWAYS The point is my day is GREAT because sleep deprivation/fear of aliens

  6. I made a new geeky friend this week, which was cool (holla, Debbie!). But for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take a critical theory class this semester. I have never been so wrong.

    • How did you make a new friend? It is a weird thing culturally that people hit a certain age and then have a hard time making friends so I am wondering so I can copy your technique. I like my husband’s friends’ significant others but am not very close with them and don’t have any connections at work (yet? maybe?).

      • Truck–I totally know what you’re saying. It’s really hard to make new woman friends when you get to be a certain age. Everyone already has their cliques or family connections. I hope you can meet some gals through work. You’re a hilarious person, and I wish you lived in Southern Indiana because I would for sure be your friend.

      • I’ve found it hard to make friends too! Right now it’s partly because I’m slightly older (34) than a lot of people in my classes, and also because some of the PhD students are…different. But I made friends with this girl who’s also a slightly older MA student (she’s 30) and her sister came into town this weekend. We hit it off immediately when she started talking about LoTR. Then she confessed her undying love for Cumberbatch. Basically I’ve been forcing myself to talk to people. It’s been kind of working. I’ve been invited to parties because of it!

        • Um, hello, artdork. We are Lake House friends.

        • A straight female friend of mine told me that she uses OKCupid to find other girl friends, which kind of weird me out but it seems to work for her.

        • Thanks, all, for the advice! You’re all right that it takes much more work on my part and I guess I’m not active enough about getting my friendship right on people. Most of my best friends all happened because the other person was like “Hang out with me!” and then it worked out. So I will force myself to yell “Hang out with me!” to other people that I think are cool. Also I think that while I love videogum as a community, I also worry that it takes the place of IRL friends sometimes which is a good thing but also works against my need to put myself out there. But you guys are all awesome!

      • Work is definitely kind of key. I honestly meet a lot of people through the internet – The Hairpin has a pretty active group of commenters in my city and we have outings (I run the book club!). But I think if you live in a place that has readings or Nerd Nites or those kinds of things that’s a good place to start. You definitely have to put yourself out there though.

  7. I just got out of a meeting in which a lot of layoffs were announced. It’s sort of a mixed bag because, on the one hand, I wasn’t laid off! On the other hand, some good friends were. But it sort of makes you wonder if you’re actually in a good place because, like, once they start doing layoffs, is that a sign that you need to move on, because, successful companies are out there that aren’t doing layoffs? I don’t know. A lot of mixed feelings right now, but the important thing is, I should probably be busying myself, proving my worth to the company instead of commenting about my feelings on a blog.

    • I can’t speak to your particular case, but my company laid a lot of people off in 2009-2011. Sometimes layoffs are part of a long decline, sometimes it’s about harsh medicine for long-term success. (We were the latter and are back to pre-recession staff levels.)

      Many successful companies have had to make cuts to get back to growth.

      My best advice:

      1) keep that damn resume and LinkedIn current (and please make sure you have a photo — LinkedIns without photos are just sad)

      2) keep your eyes open for any new opportunities elsewhere and

      3) put Get Ready for This on repeat!

    • Yeah last week my boss told most of us You’re not going to be here forever. So I’ve been a little uneasy about work as of late trying to uncode that.

  8. I had a great day, thanks for asking. I did not have to appear at any press conferences, i got to ride my bike (both in real life and my avatar rode in my dream of Pee Wee’s dream of le Tour). And i made the right pants decision today (morning yes, afternoon no).

  9. My professor wanted to poll our class about the Beyonce lip-syncing incident but he spelled her name on the board “Bounce”

    it was pretty lol

  10. Today was ok, but it’s starting to get busy again at work after a couple of months of slowness. This time next week I will probably be pretty much at the end of my rope, stress-wise, so I have made a Blingee in honor of the thing that will keep me going through the dark days ahead:

  11. I’m dropping out of grad school (from PhD to Masters) and finishing in April and getting a job and IT FEELS AMAZING.

  12. Work work work all day and then I just spent an hour on the bus to get home which should have taken 15 minutes but it was rush hour and there was an accident and blah blah blah, so now I’m drinking. Oh but later I get to go to my friends’ house for movie night double feature! I think were watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and Flash Gordon?

  13. Hi everybody!

    So I did go to my doctor on Tuesday and got a prescription for the medication I decided to try not taking two years ago (DID NOT WORK OUT). She sent two prescriptions to my pharmacy on file so I could move myself from the low dose to the higher dose after a week, like you do.
    I forgot I used to call this place “Terrible Pharmacy.”

    They totally fucked up and only gave me the higher dosage so I haven’t been able to start my medication. I called my doctor all upset Tuesday night and she called me back from her personal house the next day and was like “I did it right, fuck your pharmacy, tell them to call me” so I did and then THEY LIED TO ME TWICE AND SAID THEY CALLED HER WHEN THEY DID NOT. So I called back AGAIN today and they finally called her and my doctor called me after she got off the phone with them and told me to never go there again. But I am about to leave work and go get my medicine yay!

    Also a bunch of other cool stuff happened this week. I decided to go to New York for my birthday in May and that will be really fun. I started posting the diary I kept from ages 5-8 on Tumblr for Comedy Reasons. I started working on my neglected website project (I am trying to write again/more, mostly for my own amusement but maybe one day I will be famous for being Internet Hilarious) again. And–and sadly this is huge–I am a big fan of The Chris Gethard Show and FINALLY got through on the phones for the first time last night and it was kind of great. Everyone watch it once it is online and try to guess who I am!

  14. I just finished a book where the main character struggles to find redemption for 300 pages after his best friend/lover kills himself. On page 300, he reveals that he BRUTALLY RAPED HIS BEST FRIEND, who committed suicide the next day. By page 308, the end of the book, the protagonist forgives himself and decides he can move on, and I am very upset by this whole thing. I can’t sympathize with a rapist! Sorry!

    Today was pretty good, though, in large part thanks to Trader Joe’s microwave chicken tikka which – did you guys know about this? Why didn’t you tell me?

    • What books is that?! I don’t see how the author can justify revealing his actions and then have him suddenly come to terms with it. What the hell!
      I have not had the chicken tikka, but I will look for it now! My favorite thing at Trader Joe’s is their kettle corn.

      • I’ll just link to it because I spoiled it 100%: http://tinyurl.com/6tw96e8. I’m also bummed because the author is a friend of a friend, and the novel was otherwise pretty enjoyable.

        • This is not really related, but one time I was talking with the director of my library system, and she said that with every novel she reads, she starts by reading the last chapter. She said that she likes to know how it ends, and then she can enjoy the rest of the book. I would never be able to do that! Part of the fun in reading a book for me is going along with the story and trying to piece things together. If I know too many details about what’s going to happen, it takes away a lot of the appeal. I don’t feel this way about movies or television, just books. I guess because reading feels a lot more personal than watching something on a screen. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting.

          • I could never do that. I even avoid jacket copy.

          • Truefacts: I am like this. I get too anxious if I don’t know what happens (and there are certain things that if I find are ahead, I can’t read for my own well-being). For me, the majority of pleasure from reading is how the story is told, rather than how the plot progresses (unless the plot sucks, then yarg). I am a pretentious dick.

          • I do that with movies I want to see but deep down I worry they suck. Wikipedia has saved me a lot of time and energy, and cleared up a lot of space on my Netflix queue.

            Doing that with a book is just plain weird. A book can take days, even weeks to read. Why spoil it?

    • Holy shit what is wrong with that book and/or the person who wrote it?

    • Oh yeah. The chicken tikka is great. Their enchiladas are pretty good when I’m looking for a tex mex fix.

  15. Pursuant to a conversation from the biker gang public proposal post, I saw this on Tumblr today:

  16. I stared at the crazy as hell NYC wind rippling a huge mini lake puddle on the roof of a neighboring garage for like way too long while eating the shit out of some Kashi cereal with blueberry clusters. And I’m 30% finished typing up a chemist’s notes on the chemical composition of Indian peppermint oil.

  17. I still hate winter, but today is sort of sunny and sort of warm… ish, so I’m going to take my pup for a nice walk.

    I’ve been watching the Tar Sands coverage on CSPAN2 and it’s fucking insane. The republican senators that I’ve seen speak are just straight-up lying *and* they’re speaking from the exact same script that I’ve seen the pro-coal groups in Oregon use that are totally inaccurate and basically nonsense doublespeak because moving tar sands oil (especially if its combined with the North Dakota tar sands oil) means that it’s a resource coming from our country and mining, processing and transporting fossil fuels found on our soil will not have to comply with the local and national clean air and water laws because of provisions written into the 2005 Energy Independence Act. Also, Senator Coburn of Oklahoma is a fucking lunatic at Rand Paul levels. Yesterday he went on and on about how we spend too much on care for veterans who have returned from war and that too many different groups weigh in on green buildings, which are a waste anyway. It’s infuriating.

    On Tuesday, I saw a 9-car standoff end outside my house. My neighbor thought they might be shooting Grimm, but nope. Real standoff. No Monroe.

    Meanwhile, that same neighbor’s cat is over and giving me a tiny cat massage and bullying my dog. But my dog stands by the door and cries when Cohen is outside… So I really have no idea what’s going on there. Interspecies frienemies?

    Also I have been craving Gatorade, so I’m worried that I’m turning into a plant.

    • I am worried about the Gatorade thing. All the rest seems business as usual.

    • My friend and I used to make fun of C-SPAN2 when we were kids cause we thought it was a shittier version of the worst TV station so when it came to create AOL screen name I picked cspan2@aol.com. I bet CSPAN2 are still kicking themselves for not locking down that address.

    • Tiny cat massage?

      • Oh man, I live with a cat (he does not belong to me) who will NOT STOP KNEADING, and it’s adorable and nice at first and then it starts to drive you a little bit insane.

        • I keep trying to suggest he hit up my back or neck, but he’s mostly interested in kneading my arm.

          How is the job going??? What’s the craziest thing you’ve gotten??? I need details! You are at the epicenter of weird news stories!

          • Everything at the job is good! I am feeling settled and like I have a handle on things, which is always good! Everyone has been super great. It’s a nice station.

            Girl, I can’t even begin to tell you the craziest thing! There’s too many! But one that sticks out is from a month or so ago: a man shot his roommate over porkchops. Apparently he did not like the way the dude cooked the ‘chops and just up and shot him! Also, last week, a woman shot her ex-boyfriend after he jumped onto the hood of her car and rode there for ten miles punching the windshield and windows and saying he was going to kill her! 10 miles! He was just hanging onto the the hood and screaming obscenities. Ummmm, what else? I have a weirdo, schizophrenic guy who calls all the time and wants to talk about Casey Anthony. Like, he LOVES her. He wants to marry her. He also told me he helped find Lee Harvey Oswald and donated blood to Reagan after he was shot, so. FUN TIMES. NEWS!

          • Oooh, ooh, ALSO, like a week after Newtown, this woman walked into an Islamic school with a SWORD HELD ALOFT. Thankfully security found her super fast and got the police out there ASAP. She was arrested but apparently refused to speak in anything but German(but her ID said she was from Cali.), and was so generally crazy and uncooperative, they couldn’t even get a mug shot taken of her.

          • Oh, I miss those totally insane tips. I saved an email FOR YEARS about how this guy was writing to us from an undisclosed location in Long Beach and using a fake email address because he’s the legit King of England but the Illuminati and Scientologists have made sure to keep his story a secret. But he was finally willing to talk!!

            Anything out of Celebration? Or was ALL OF IT from there? I’m so fascinated and frighted by that place.

          • None of that was from Celebration, BUT just last week was the trial for the first murder to EVER happen in Celebration. The murder happened two or three years ago. Dude beat a guy with a hatchet and then strangled him with a shoelace. He got convicted for 2nd degree homicide. Celebration!

          • I remember that murder! I want to know about the cults and super silly crime reports. Weird news is always my favorite news.

  18. Last week, I broke my nose, and yesterday I had it reset. The doctor did it manually with just local freezing, and it made a really strange crunching noise while he did it, after which he said “Oh yeah, that was really really broken.” Which if you think about it, is really hilarious.
    But now I have to wear a stick-on nose splint for TWO WEEKS. It is really uncomfortable and itchy, it looks dumb, and I can’t take it off (though I am really worried it’s going to fall off on its own, and I don’t know how I’ll wash my face properly for the next 14 days).
    And people kept staring at me on the bus. The only person who didn’t sneak a peek, apparently, was the girl sitting next to me, who swung around as she got up and hit me in the face with her purse. How fucked up is that?
    But I am looking forward to my cousin’s housewarming this weekend, and then the Super Bowl. Thursdays!!!

    • Wow I dunno if maybe this is the best thing I could say but I think you are pretty brave? I would be screaming and crying basically constantly.

      If people stare at you just stare at them back.

      If people ask you what happened either make up an awesome story (good mood) or say in a real cold, deadened tone, “I don’t want to talk about it.” (bad mood).

      I am an expert at making awkward situations even worse so this is A+ advice, right here.

      • Thanks! I don’t mind talking about it, and I don’t mind the staring – it’s more that I sort of forget why they’re staring at me and start to worry “Oh no, is there something on my face?” when DUH.
        And I am not squeamish at all, so I the process wasn’t so bad. I am epileptic, so this sort of thing is something that I just have to deal with. I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes I will have seizures, sometimes those seizures will put my face in the way of pointy furniture, and that I will probably never be allowed a driver’s license.
        I can either mope about it, or crack jokes to the doctor about hockey players’ noses. The latter is more fun.

  19. I feel like i’m in one of those workout pools with the fake current and i’m never going to get to the other side so i might as well just drown.

  20. The sun is shining and the weather is lovely and so spirits are high at my desk area, even though it turns out I have been targeted by an OFFICE THIEF, who dared to steal (among other things) a lb of coffee right off my desk. So, now I have to lock up my snacks and tea and whatever, which is extremely annoying, on top of the icky feeling of being thieved out of my #1 source of workplace caffeine.
    Also, today I tried out a recipe for a berry-beet smoothie. I recommend it to everyone who likes the taste of raspberries and dirt.

  21. My goal of having less shame today was foiled by forgetting to change my shirt with toothpaste stains on it. Hopefully less shame tommorow.

  22. Well it’s great for one, because I finally am writing this now and not Friday morning!!!
    Today started off a little rough because I woke up hungover because last night I went to a professional basketball game and we got to sit in a press box and they have free beer in there! Well, I am not one to look a gift beer in the mouth so I drank a lot of them (and we won the basketball game!).

    But after I got to work and did my work things were pretty good. Work is going pretty well and I got a big thing accomplished today and I hope people notice it!

    Also tonight I’m excited to watch great television even if it will sadly be the last 30 Rock ever.

    Also I told some people on chat about this weird drama I was having with this woman who “stopped following me on Pinterest” like that’s a slight or something, well anyway it has escalated and now it’s just hilarious. I’m pretty certain she hates me and I’m also certain I don’t know why and that I don’t care. Sometimes things are just weird and I’m sorry to put it in these terms but I’m too fucking old or bored or (most likely) happy with my life to worry about someone else’s stupid nonsense….which is SOOOOO liberating!

    ALSO this week was my dad’s birthday and he SUPER loved the gift I got him!!! He’s great!!! Also my mom sent me a picture of my niece and she’s about 4 months old and she’s developing her own face (as opposed to just “baby face”) and she was sitting up and it’s just all so exciting!

    Also I’m going to see Louis CK on Saturday!!!!!

    So I hope everyone has a great day and if you don’t, I hope that tomorrow and this weekend are much better!

  23. BTW, today’s improv4humans podcast was amazing. They discuss bad behavior at weddings which turns into an amazing theater sketch with a loud, unruly wife audience member, they watch an old video from the 70s of a man who cannot speak ordering a pizza with state-of-the-art speak-and-spell technology and posit what if that technology was applied to writing jingles, and finish with ‘Case Closed,’ a segment where Matt Besser interviews a person from the show’s online forums who have usually taken umbrage with something Matt has done in a previous episode. The forum member in question was calling out an episode that addresses the Sandy Hook tragedy and gun control as being ‘too soon’ and ‘in poor taste.’


    Seriously, I was dying laughing at 6 o’clock this morning, trying to keep it down in consideration of my neighbors. But man, improv4humans is such a good podcast. *WHEW* The theater sketch was pretty much the best thing ever.

  24. Today was fine. I finished a project at work, and I am so glad it’s done. Very excited/sad about the 30 Rock finale tonight. I was very happy to find out that one of my favorite books won the Caldecott medal on Monday because I care about things like that! I am trying to come up with a healthy, easy dessert to take to a lunch at work on Tuesday, and I can’t think of anything. Any ideas?

  25. We’re having an open house at my office tonight. Right now I’m tucked safely behind my closed door fearing the onslaught of clients and potential clients and other assorted riff-raff. But I’m pretty sure the siren song of free alcohol will be too powerful for me to resist.

  26. I live in Southern Indiana, and it just started snowing here. So pretty! There are rumors flying around that school has already been called off for tomorrow, but I kind of doubt that. If there’s one thing I miss about being younger, it’s snow days. The world was just a better place when your alarm went off at the crack of dawn but then you found out school was shut down and you got to jump back into warm bed for a few more hours. Ahh, the good ole days. Otherwise, my day is fine. We’re having a weight loss challenge at work (Hi, AL if you’re on here!), and I’m a little discouraged because I’ve taken off only about two pounds in three weeks. But I guess the turtle won the race, right? (Or whatever that saying said.) We each paid $20.00 to be part of this, and the ultimate winner (percentage of weight lost) gets the pot of $300.00. Which is really cool. If you lose 10% of your body weight, you get a free afternoon off with pay. Which entices me almost as much as the cash does. So now I’m trying to fight off a wicked pizza craving and telling myself that baked chicken is just as good. I’ll let you know next week how it went.

    • I never, ever had a snow day. It had to be colder than -19′C for them to even call off recess. So the idea of a snow day, as immortalized in tv and Calvin and Hobbes comics, always seemed so magical. It’s been snowing for days, but has been insanely cold (it was -40′C, if you count windchill, for 2 days). But now that it’s warming up a bit, there’s almost no time to enjoy the snow because it’s going to be above freezing on Saturday – it might even rain!
      Fuck climate change, man. I just want it to be -15′C and snowing so I can go skiing and skate outside in January. This should not be too much to ask! I hope you get to play in your snow!

      • I’ve never had a snow day either because I grew up in Florida. We did have hurricane days though, and those were actually pretty fun for me because we never lost power or had any major damage to our home. Here’s a free tip: If you live on the same electrical grid as a hospital, you will not be without power for very long.

      • If this isn’t against VG protocol, what state do you live, Gobblegirl?

  27. I’m trying to decide if it’s a good idea to watch a horror movie by myself tonight…I just downloaded The Innkeepers, Session 9, and Rec (the spanish one). Which one is the least scary, guys???

  28. Today kinda sucked, guys. I’ve been fighting a cold for a couple of days, but my immune system is usually pretty tough and “keeping low” and sleeping a lot will usually kick it. However, last night I was unable to sleep a lot because some weird pipes right by my head that I have never heard before kept screeching every half hour or so. So I would sort of fall asleep and then be startled awake with my heart racing and not really know why. So I got maybe three total hours of sleep, one of them being on the bathroom floor because I live in a studio and the bathroom was the only place I thought I could escape the screech. I was wrong, though. They’re doing construction on the apartment above me and I just heard them banging around up there, so I’m hoping they’re fixing the noise, but who knows.

    So I was really tired and sick feeling today, and I was bummed because I really had a lot to say in the nerd thread because I have a lot of strong but confusing feelings about nerds and conventions and the like. But I was too tired to write something I thought was coherent.

    Also, today I moved cubicles at work, which on one hand will make my job easier because I’ll be closer to my boss, but now I’m kind of alone in a corner except for some execs in offices, and I’ll miss chatting with my old neighbors.

    Now I am going to eat some soup and hope I can stay awake through all of 30 Rock.

  29. This morning, as I was pulling out of my garage, a car came flying around the bend on my street at 30+mph (the speed limit is 15 because of said bend) and nearly rear-ended me. I got super pissed because people seriously ALWAYS fly around that bend, and it is SO dangerous and stupid and the speed limit sign is RIGHT THERE. And then the asshole tailgated me the rest of the way out of my neighborhood and glared at me before driving away. What the hell?! It really set the tone of my day and I’m feeling extra misanthropic as a result. The 30 Rock finale being tonight isn’t helping matters.

  30. On a more personal note, I met up with a friend last night who I fell out with in college. We were VERY close in high school and then in college he got really depressed, and I didn’t know how to be a good friend to him and instead of drifting apart in a weird, sad way, we had a blow-up fight and just didn’t really talk again for a long time. We remained Facebook friends and saw each other a couple times over the last several years, but we basically weren’t friends anymore. I would think about him on a fairly regular basis, just hope he was okay and kind of feel sad that I’d failed him and lost him, and then last week I met someone who’s pretty close with him and I took that as an excuse to get in touch. I was excited and nervous about meeting up with him. I’ve changed a lot since I was 19 and I knew the same must be true for him, and I thought chances were good that we just wouldn’t have much in common anymore.

    Anyway he lives close to me and we met up last night and had a couple of drinks. It went great, just really, really great. We caught up and joked around and talked about what had happened between us in a mature, mutually apologetic way. I was mostly relieved that I still liked him so much, that whatever affection I had for him wasn’t just dried up by lack of use. I don’t know if that was his reaction, and it’s entirely possible we’re not going to be close again because it’s just been too long, but I was happy to see him.

  31. My day started off with waking up to discover I was the ‘little spoon’ to my two kittens. So pretty great. Read some stories to adorable monster children and then left them to their teachers. Chatted with the author I have coming to visit the library on Monday and the bookstore we’re consigning books from. Didn’t have to go to a meeting because I have rolled off a certain committee. And started the second to last episode of Fringe (LINCOLN LEE!!)

    Tonight I was going to chill with the pets and have wine and waffles alone while watching 30 Rock, but may have to go play Bingo at an Elk Lodge with a good friend instead (damn). So, like I said, a great day!

    • Oh man, bingo right about now sounds great.

    • One of my favorite things about doing library programs is not having to be responsible for the kids after the program is over. We all had fun sharing stories and songs, now it’s time for you to go with your teacher or parent, bye!

      • It is seriously one of the best parts about being a librarian! Bye kids!

        And sadly we did not get to Bingo in time to snag seats so I went home and watched 30 Rock after all!

  32. I had a good day! Last night, I finally got to talk to my friend who’s getting married and we got some wedding things ironed out and it was good! I also made an appointment to have my bridesmaid dress taken in because HOLLA for weight loss!

    I have decided that instead of go to the two social events I’ve been invited to this evening, I am probably just going to stay in and watch “the shows” and mourn over 30 Rock and then cheer myself up by soaking in Tim Gunn’s words of wisdom. But if anyone cares, last week when I was trying to make this same decision I did actually end up going out, so I’m not really a total shut in.

    I have also been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica. Like, no lie, I’ve watched the entire second season in the course of a week. So good.

    Also also, has anyone been keeping up with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Because, y’all, they just got to some of my favorite parts of Pride & Prejudice and it’s so good, so good.

    • I think this season is going to be interesting for Tim Gunn. I’m not totally sold on the “all teams, all the time” aspect, but we’ll see. There are some real characters this time.

      • Yeah, I’m not really a big fan of the whole team aspect this season, either. And having EVERYONE add onto Tim’s critique doesn’t fill me with delight. But I have hope that this might be a pretty legit season, because like you said, there are some fairly interesting contestants. I just hope the team gimmick doesn’t weigh them down.

        • I watched the first few episodes of LBD when it started and then forgot about it. But I’m doing a Bicentennial P&P challenge and want to watch it as part of the challenge, so I’m excited about getting back to it.

  33. My day was literally shitty. I had to provide my doctor with fecal samples because he thinks I may have IBS.

    TMI! I know.

    On the plus side, I’m having a fun conversation with my friend on FB who is so pro-Beyonce and so mad that I’m saying this doesn’t prove anything and she’s still a mediocre singer. Hell hath no fury like a queen who’s diva is being challenged.

  34. Today is my birthday! Nailed a job interview with a bay area biotech company on Monday. Boyfriend’s cooking me dinner tonight, and seeing a live show of Julie Klausner’s How Was Your Week podcast this weekend for SF Sketchfest. Had some really good lamb kebabs for lunch today over a conversation with an old friend. Considering a developing a blog in which I write decidedly non-serious reviews of Criterion Collection films. Overall, today was a day to consider some exciting possibilities.

  35. I had today off and consumed diverse margaritas with a friend visiting from Alabama. Then I very needed a nap but didn’t take one, which bodes not well for me in the middle of dinner in about two hours.

    The wedding I was dreading last week was a huge success, actually. It was fun, and at the reception I was talking to a lot of genius mathematician and physicist Cal Tech types who were telling tales of the first undergrad class where they were at risk of failing / didn’t get an A. Usually they saved their passing grade by buckling down on the studying, but one very cute woman of about 35 said she passed by banging the Nobel-Prize-winning teacher. It was pretty hilarious how she said all he wanted to talk about during the seduction was his scientific work. “I was like Yeah, yeah, neat, I get it,” she said, rolling her eyes. I will treasure that.

    • That’s really not the ending I was expecting to that wedding story! But glad to hear it. Did you go with the reading the groom picked out?

      • I did! It went over well, so he made a good call. I prefaced it with remarks about how it meant something personal to the couple. After the ceremony a very gay man approached me under the impression that I had picked the reading — he was fiercely impressed by the choice and wanted to talk to me. When I told him the groom picked it, he was crestfallen and lost interest.

        We’d been told there were only 8-10 people invited, but it ended up being 40-50. A nice size. And there was no music or dancing! Everyone just stood around chatting, eating sushi and cupcakes for 4 hours.

    • That’s awesome! I had a friend who offered sex to her professor and he laughed his ass of at her and she left. I don’t remember if she ended up passing or not but probably not because that was pretty much her only plan.

  36. Yesterday was okay. I got a free latte. Also due to insane winds a sharp piece of something narrowly avoided getting lodged into my ear canal.

    This is my second week of class and because I know nothing of the production and film-making industry everything is exciting and cool but also scary because I’m the only person in the room who did not want to make communications their career and nobody said this class had anything to do about talking about film-making. So it’s almost like being in a secret society of debtors and dreamers.

    Oh oh! We got to watch this short film and talk about style choices. The end was predictable but the super super ending was not! Warning: It’s called Spider and the very end is gross, but funny gross. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmbv8kevQ-E

  37. There’s always room for one more. The more Monsters the better.

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