But, like, the puppets are probably fucking you to death repeatedly in those knife-dick suits from the movie Seven. You can’t see that part in this video. I mean, it is hell. But even without the knife-dick suits, YOU START TO GET THE IDEA. Remember: this is eternity we are talking about. Forever and ever with no relief. Oh wait, who do I even think I am talking to?! You of all people totally understand the meaning of the word “forever.”

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  1. Next week on Circuit Boardwalk Empire…

  2. Should the creator of these two should be on a list somewhere? A list with only one name and face? On a billboard? In every town in America?

  3. The Sulphuric-afire Explosion

  4. Made it to 0:16 and then shit myself to death. R.I.P. Teach. You died doing what you loved — watching a terrifying video of partially finished robots singing vaudeville.

  5. I think “Fancybot” is pretty wishful naming for a creature with no skin whose body seems to be a re-purposed Lexmark inkjet printer from circa 2000.

  6. The one on the right reminds me of the guy from Hellraiser…Frank? I forget his name…pin head?

  7. I know a good orthodonist I could recommend to the one on the left.

  8. It’s weird because you rarely see a Kardashian without their human skin sheath on.

  9. I never thought I would long for the halcyon days where my biggest fear was a clown wielding a speculum.

  10. Whoever uploaded this video has a way different definition of the word “successful” than I do

  11. This will work well for President Biden’s inaugural. #2016

  12. My best friend and I play “this is my hell” pretty often. Mine was usually stuck in traffic after a shitty concert I never wanted to go to, probably Coachella, hung over and dehydrated in my old car that rarely had working A/C, so I’d have to have the windows rolled down to breathe and because of this I’d have to listen to the asshole next to me playing Beyonce or Madonna or some other garbage music. She would say, “nope, Burning Man because I would literally die there and wake up in hell and not be able to tell the difference.” I have amended my answer to hers and also these horrible monsters are probably at Burning Man because OUTSIDER ART, GUYS.

    I want to go back to bed, but I’m pretty sure after seeing this I will never sleep again.

  13. I think the one on the left is a DOG. I have no basis for this opinion, however.

  14. True hell would be locked in a room with this, only they would be singing the Stanley Steamer variations.

  15. It was fine until he turned his eyes on

  16. I don’t even have to press play to be terrified, thanks I guess!

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