Stephen is angry that Shepard Smith didn’t use an approved phrase instead of his big Fox News blooper the other day, like “this is America. We do not turd burglar torture!” (Bonus: Stephen shows that viral Snakes On A Plane creative editing clip):

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Note that when Stephen says the word “waterboarding,” it’s with Shepard Smith’s exact accent! (Via CC Insider.)

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  1. incidentally, I know some people who would pay good money to see “monkey-fighting snakes”… euphemistically, of course.

  2. Personal favorite movie edit for TV:

    “This is what happens, Larry! This is what happens when YOU FIND A STRANGER IN THE ALPS!!!”

  3. Clearly not the correct context for circle jerk.

  4. Zack  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009 +6

    Breaking News: Shepard Smith is now officially too awesome to work at Fox News. That should have been the real headline.

  5. I submitted that Snakes on a Plane clip to videogum ages ago! Not good enough for videogum, but good enough for Colbert, huh?

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