Ladies, I know how much you love spin class, and I am definitely not telling you to stop going. I’m just saying be careful. It’s a dangerous world out there, you never know when some anonymous dork in a long sleeve shirt is going to rip that shirt off and reveal himself to be Bradley Cooper and then you’re in the hospital because you “literally” fell off your bike. Don’t believe me? From PageSix:

“Silver Linings Playbook” star Bradley Cooper got ladies spinning out of control at the SoulCycle studio in TriBeCa yesterday morning. Cooper showed up at the 7:30 class for an early workout. “He was trying to be incognito and wore a long-sleeved shirt for most of the ride,” an onlooker tells us. However, Cooper ripped off his shirt near the end of class, causing a ruckus among the mostly female riders. “Girls were literally falling off their bikes,” said our source. “At the end of the class, a few fans had the guts to go up to him, and he was super gracious. He introduced himself, shook their hands and even congratulated the girls on a great class.”

LET THIS HILARIOUS STORY BE A DIRE WARNING TO YOU, LADIES. I love how he was “incognito” just because he wore a long sleeve shirt, but then he took that off and everyone was like “I knew it!” Congratulations on a great class, girls. Well, not the girls who fell off their bikes. He did not congratulate them. He drove them to the hospital! What a gentleman. Almost TOO gracious? Now does anyone know where Bradley can buy a new shirt?! LOL. Of course, it’s not just the ladies who have to be careful out there. In this era of smartphones and social media, the Bradley Coopers of the world have to be careful as well. One minute you’re totally incognito at Soul Cycle in Tribeca, the next minute, some lady who just had a great class is snapping your photo on her phone and posting it on-line for everybody:

So embarrassing!

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  1. Can someone please define “falling off their bikes” for me? As in “(spinning) bikes (that stay in one place)”???

  2. I definitely can only identify Bradley Cooper when I see his arms.

  3. Oof, they probably recognized him from the odour when he removed his shirt because he doesn’t use deoderant, am I right guys? I would have fallen off my bike too.

  4. Are we sure they didn’t fall off their bikes because of the smell?

  5. Well, that’s just what happens when Lucille 2 is in your class.

  6. Bradley Cooper is the Matthew McConaughey of spin class.

  7. I’m going to assume that he wanted to be “incognito” but then when no one was recognizing him he got frustrated and full on Hulk style ripped his shirt off and then at least a few women fell off their bikes because they’d never seen anyone do that before.

    • I fully trust the source, here, by the way. Cooper was going incognito, then he flipped some switch and ripped his shirt off, because that’s pretty standard human behavior.

      • Or it could be that he was wearing a new shirt that his work made him buy, but was much smaller than the sample shirts his employer tried on even though they were the same size (and also made out of crappy thin fabric), but damned if he was going to pay more for new shirts with his work logo emblazoned upon them, and it’ll be fine, he’ll just wear a camisole underneath, what’s the worst that can go wrong. But then he bent over and when he was coming back up he stretched weird and his shirt tore open and buttons flew everywhere, in front of a customer. I mean, that can happen to anyone. Really.

      • In his defense, he DID leave the Groucho Marx-style fake glasses and mustache on, so it’s not as if he was trying to make his identity obvious.

      • YOU GUYS… He’s method training for his next role as a die-hard Hulkamaniac.

  8. If this were to happen to me I would attack him and say too bad. You want it. Speaking of being shirtless. I’ll post a pic of me and my friend here after our 1 hour swim to raise money for AIDS this week if I get 50 likes. Ladies???

  9. I always thought I would like spinning because it’s exercise while sitting, right? but turns out it’s really hard.

    • Try this thing.

      It was a SNES game about exercising. You didn’t actually exercise, mind you; your character did. It’s like bicycle racing, but instead of being first, you just have to complete a number of laps before moving on to the next track. It actually manages to be more tedious than actual exercise, without the benefits of health.

  10. Let’s share “hot dudes at spinning class” stories:

    I have a fairly attractive instructor who is basically like the hot PE teachers I used to have at school, but with a personality and not tainted by the whole “I am forced to do exercise and I hate it so much and I wish it was swimming and I had a note saying it was my period every week” thing. He’s encouraging, plays bad nineties soft rock, Ibiza jams and boyband classics, and, errr, yeah.

    Last Sunday, I arrived early and inadvertently took the bike closest to him at the front. I did not fall over. In fact, I would like to say that I upped my game.

    I am very tempted to stay longer next week to get some advice on correct posture on the bike. Honestly.

    • Do it! I don’t have any hot dudes stories because I go during the day and it’s all stay at home moms and old dudes. I guess I can hope for an old hot dude to show up someday. *fingers crossed*

  11. I should. I always have a sore neck afterwards, and it didn’t help that last week, I cricked back to Andy Murray’s losing face on the tvs reflected onto the spin studio when I should have been looking forward.

  12. Not that I read posts about Bradley Cooper, but isn’t he the famous guy that takes like 7 showers a day? I see nothing attractive in this.

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