So sad to hear that Beyonce dropped out of the Super Bowl half time show and was replaced with Bob Dylan, but just delighted that Tim Heidecker has leaked Dylan’s half time song, “Running Out The Clock.” Touchdown!

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  1. I saw him live last year and I am not looking forward to this. I’m a huge fan but he can’t sing. This isn’t really leaking anything you couldn’t already imagine it would be.

    • Sing anymore I should say. He always had a unique voice that I like, but now it just sounds bad. Not even in a good David Bowie raspy way or old Joni Mitchell way.

  2. The Times They are a-Shrim-in

  3. “mumble, mumble, baby, mumble, inteliigible random syllable, mumble”–Bob Dylan’s halftime show

  4. I have this exclusive first look at Bob Dylan’s tailgate celebrations;

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