“MOM, CATCH,” the player was heard shouting moments before accidentally passing the ball to his coach. “Oh no, did I say mom?” he thought to himself. “Hey, Billy [teammate], ha-ha, did I say ‘mom’ just now when I threw the ball to the coach by accident, orrr…” “Shut up, dude, who cares what you said,” replied Billy. “Ha-ha-ha,” said the player, nervously. “Soo weird.” (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. “What’r you talkin’ about ref? What ball? I didn’t see any ball.” Nice try coach.

  2. I like how 63 is just proud of his shot.

  3. Metaphor for their political system.

    • Putin (the coach) is everywhere, playing all the positions, they just pretend that Medvedev (the players) has any control? Outside actors (the coach) exert undue influence on the system (the game)?

      I’m trying to make this work.

  4. I called a teacher “Mom” once in 5th grade. It still haunts me.

    • Not as bad as calling your significant other “Mom.” I’ve given and received that horrifying gift.

    • “Can you open my milk, Mommy?”
      “I’m not Mommy, Ralph. I’m Miss Hoover.”

    • Freshman year of high school. Luckily everybody in the classroom was really loud so I didn’t have to transfer schools.

    • I was showing my kindergarten teacher my picture of a lion that I perfectly colored. I called her “Mom.” No one would have known, but she started laughing so loudly and then shouted out, “PAIGE JUST CALLED ME ‘MOM’!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!! THAT’S SO FUNNY!!!!” Ugh. That was also the same year that I peed my pants and had to wear lost and found sweatpants the nurse gave me (that I would have never been caught dead in). All of the kids knew of my fashion sense too, so they all started asking questions: “What happened to your jeans, Paige?” “Where did your pants go?” “Whose pants are you wearing, Paige?” “What’s going on over there with the mop and janitor and the ‘WET FLOOR’ cones?” I tried to pretend the sweatpants were mine and I had been wearing them all along. I discovered that telling the other kids they were mine was almost as embarrassing as telling them I wet myself. Oh! I almost forgot I had to wear some weird over-sized silk underwear that wasn’t mine either. To top all of this off, my mom washed the sweatpants and underwear and made me take them back to the nurse. Still healing, guys.

  5. a couple weeks ago i was watching a game and in the last minutes one team fouled the other team and they sent the wrong guy (with a better free throw record) to the line and then acted like nothing happened!

  6. This video will be a part of Russian propaganda history soon enough, so enjoy your “blooper” while you can. They’ll digitally edit the coach out and replace it with number 63 1/2, the best player ever to have played hoopskies this side of the trans siberian railroad. Further down the line they’ll edit out 63 1/2 and replace him with Stalin’s ghost. The revolution lives!

  7. It’s your basic Staute of Liberty play, with one exception.

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