• Look who reunited at a rap battle in Toronto! It’s Spinner and Jimmy from Degrassi: The Next Generation! I didn’t even watch that show but I still care about this for some reason. (The reason is Drake.) -OhNoTheyDidnt
  • The Definitive Collection of Liz Lemon Reaction GIFs -Uproxx
  • The Doctor Who Perpetual Calendar is literally the only calendar you’ll ever need, or so it claims to be. -Neatorama
  • Watch Fred Armisen Talk Death Grips on Rachael Ray when given 60 seconds to talk about anything he wants. -Stereogum
  • Celebrity Portraits Glowering At You: A Series -22Words
  • Best Exchanges in The Most Popular Girls In School: so glad TMPGIS came into our lives. -BuzzFeed
  • Guy Fieri Courageously Reveals His Love of Kale. KALE IS SO HOT RIGHT NOW, OMG ENOUGH -Eater
  • Minnie Driver shares a list of rejected racehorse names on The Graham Norton Show -BlameItOnTheVoices
  • Watch Kourtney Kardashian heal Kim K’s psoriasis sores with her breast milk. Is that a thing, or…? -Dlisted


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  1. When I saw there was a definitive collection of Liz Lemon gifs, I immediately thought of Self-High-Five. But I will never stop being happy that Working On My Night Cheese caught on in the mainstream.

  2. I am annoyed to see Graham Norton making up racehorse names because I was doing that on Saturday and feeling very original. Obviously he stole my fun and time-traveled to Friday to do it “first.” At this point my only recourse is to travel back to Berlin 1932 and do it even SOONER.

  3. I like Dino Kale because it makes me feel like a dinosaur when I eat it.

  4. So I’m obsessed with the most popular girls in school. It’s basically like going to a gay bar.

  5. So that’s why I had trouble finding kale at the grocery store last night. The Fieri fans bought it all up, ashamed no more.

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