It was announced today that the FOX network has picked up a daytime talk show from Kris Jenner, the wonderful matriarch of the Kardashian family, for a test run this summer. What delightful news! This is particularly exciting because one thing America def needs is another talk show. There simply are not enough talk shows, but this is at least a step in the right direction. From Deadline:

The program, produced by Twentieth Television, is a pop culture driven talk show filmed in Los Angeles. It will feature celebrity guests, fashion & beauty trends; plus a mix of lifestyle topics. “This is something I have wanted to do all my life so it’s definitely a dream come true!,” said Jenner who will serve as executive producer.

“Whether offering real advice to her family or sharing personal moments with viewers, Kris is honest, compelling, entertaining, and unscripted – all excellent qualities for a daytime talk show host,” said Stephen Brown, EVP of Development & Programming, Twentieth TV. Added Frank Cicha, SVP of Programming, Fox Television Stations, “Wouldn’t be summer without at least one test, would it?”

Strong praise. Wouldn’t be summer without at least one test, would it, INDEED. But so, OK, she has a talk show, but now we have to wonder: what is she going to talk about?!

We got our hands on the REAL list of some of the exciting new shows first topics:

  • Isn’t raising a child into a decent human being impossible?!
  • How much plastic surgery is not enough?
  • Cleanse? Cleanse.
  • Everyone hates their husband so much, right?
  • But we have to stay with him because of the cameras?
  • How to borrow clothes from your teenage daughters!
  • Why is it illegal to marry a mirror and what we can do to change these cruel laws!
  • Me, though, right? I know!
  • Mail Bag: Kris answers your questions about living with Stage 4 Self-Satisfaction.
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!
  • Would you hit it?

Really looking forward to this talk show and hope that its incredible success provides us with much needed more talk shows!

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  1. If I ever have a talk show, it’s going to be called “Would You Hit It?” and my guests and I will just play “Hot or Not?” and “Fuck/Marry/Kill” for an hour.

    • Are you coming up with the choices for F/M/K, or are your guests/the audience? I want to know before I call in for my free tickets.

      • Guests will write names on slips of paper and we’ll put them in a hat, Whose Line Is It Anyway style.

        • I’m going to watch specifically for the episode where the guest has a crush on you and writes their own name on the slip. But then you pull out their name AND the names of two celebrities you’ve had long standing crushes on, so you kind of can’t help but K the guest, if you’re being honest.

          Ug, I was really sad about that scenario, because I kept picturing a celeb being crestfallen. But then! I pictured that the guest was Ricky Gervais, and now I again can’t wait to see it. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

          • The more I think about it, the more I feel like this is my greatest idea ever. I think what will make the show a hit is that once every few episodes, a siren will go off indicating that the guest actually has to go through with their F/M/K choices for real.

          • Coming this summer on Cinemax: Catweazle’s Celebrity F/M/K Roulette-O-Rama!!

          • “The View meets The Bachelor(ette) meets The Hunger Games” is how I will pitch it to the networks.

    • Hot or Not starring Lorenzo Lamas was a wonderful TV show. If you can bring that back, I would be very excited.

  2. • Where do I get my ideas?

  3. They should talk about what the point of her talk show is.

  4. “BOYFRIEND-BLAZER SLEEVES PUSHED UP OR ROLLED DOWN?” “IS THIS BROOCH REAL PLASTIC?” No doubt her QVC fans are going to have their own SPECIAL set of questions.

  5. So, the Mayans math was off by about a month.

  6. Kris Jenner IS the new Oprah, you guys.

  7. She should be forced to confront the extreme amount of horribleness in “I Love My Friends” until her narcissism finally shatters and she achieves self-awareness and, perhaps, nirvana.

  8. Oh good. I needed something that would push me into hating the entire planet before I was able to turn my back on all my ties and move to the moon. Thanks Jenner!

  9. - Garlic: Why Do People Like It?
    - Bronzing Tips, No Sun Necessary!
    - The Timelessness of Plastic Surgery
    - How-To Guide: Renfield Wrangling
    - Keeping Up with the Brides of Dracula

  10. • When to cheat and when not to cheat. “There’s a difference, ladies!”

  11. What To Wear When Signing A Prenup

  12. I think she should talk about how, when the King Under the Mountain returns to defeat Kris Jenner, the rivers will flow golden and there will be no more desolation in the North.

  13. Who is Kris Jenner? A weekly segment that rounds up the latest theories about who Kris Jenner might actually be.

  14. The only way I’d watch this show is if it was a call-in show to discuss real TV shows that I enjoy. Hell, if I ever get a talk show that is what we will discuss. I bet we could do a week just on how awful Rory’s boyfriends were. Also it will be filmed like a Telemundo talk show but instead of dancing ladies we will switch segments with puppy parties.

  15. Ohhh let there be a DNA episode where we find out Kris is the momma to her own grandkids and Mercy really is Kim’s baby!

    Let Bruce divorce her Saudi style on air as he scoops up the young’uns and heads to higher ground.

    Oh! Have Scott Disick claim Christian Bale cheated him out of the role of American Psycho

    You get a sextape! And you get a sextape! You’re all getting sexta-a-pes!!!

  16. Whatta great country we live in when a limelight whore who spawned three useless, nasal-voiced, lard-assed knuckleheads (plus two in-training and a sock mogul) gets to grace the world of FOX. I for one can’t wait for the thrills, chills and spills of Mrs. J. Executive producers/creators at FOX, you are truly my champions!

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