The new Partnership For A Drug Free America ad campaign is all about how you have to be really tough on your teenagers to keep them off drugs, because they’re not cute like newborn babies. They want drugs. But all I can think watching it is “I hope this kid has a private tutor”:

Kid: “I got the part! I got the part! I get to be coated in slime and pretend to emerge from a strange lady’s vagina!” A job’s a job, I guess, but socially, this is child abuse. (Via AdRants.)

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  1. I don’t follow your argument.

  2. At first I read the title and was all “oh no, another Slumdog Millionaire post” but now I’m all “I’d probably want some drugs too if I were that kid.”

  3. I don’t think this is child abuse.

    I think this is abuse to anyone who watched this, mostly because it’s stupid, but I don’t think that kid will have any major social issues. He’ll just buy all the other 13 year-olds soda pop and be bffs.

  4. Am I the only one totally lost by the logic of the ad? If you’re going to have a slimy teenager emerge from his mother’s womb, why would the tagline be about power? Wouldn’t you think it would be something about how you should talk to your kids about drugs before they get too old, because kids these days grow up so fast, or whatever?

    • Yeah…it really made no sense to me at all. But none of these drug PSAs have ever been effective, ever, so they might as well just make them fucked up and weird because no one is paying attention anyway.

    • i think its just saying labor is hard like raising a teenager in a responsible and compassionate manner is hard – so you have to be a strong mother to do both – like the diffictult part of child rearing isnt just the birth…

  5. You have to understand it according to the weird logic of the Drug War. It is essentially branding, so it is about being strange and memorable, to best get “drugs” as a concept out there but without actually doing anything to reduce the demand for drugs in the marketplace (without a healthy drug market, there is no Drug War).

  6. This is not child abuse. It’s just plain abuse. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  7. Ted Brogan

  8. Kevin must me a real rabble rouser

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