Let me paint a scene for you: You wake up, look in the mirror, and notice your hair has gotten a little long and has started to look a bit unkempt, no matter how you style it. “I guess it’s time for a haircut,” you think. “But UGH, a haircut? On my day off?” (In this scene, it is your day off.) “Haircuts are so boring. Ugh, I hate them so much, I’m so mad that I have to get one. I wish there were some way to make it exciting! Some way to make it a bit more dangerous and unpredictable — something to get my heart racing and make me feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth. Maybe, and I haven’t really thought all of this through yet, so, like, don’t hold me to any of this, I’m kind of just saying whatever comes to mind,” you think to yourself, still staring into the mirror, “Maybe the hairdresser has some sort of Wolverine-type claw with blades at the end of each finger? And he just kind of moves the claw very, very quickly through your hair, like a god damn maniac who had no idea that he is actually near a human’s head and maybe thinks he is in a cartoon. And also the maniac is blindfolded? I think that would be a lot of fun and would make me actually WANT to get a haircut, unlike the way it is now, where a hairdresser just cuts your hair and it is so fucking boring.” Sound familiar? Well, YOU’RE IN LUCK!

He has already sold 30,000 of these babies, so please ask your local hairdresser if they’ve purchased one yet before making your next appointment. “Do you have Clawz yet?” “What?” “Clawz, the glove with razors on it, for hair cutting?” “What?” “CLAWZ.” (Via OddityCentral.)

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  1. Isn’t a flowbie a lot easier?

  2. Is anybody else absolutely fucking terrified to get a haircut? ESPECIALLY when the barber is chatty. You have blades right up there by my brainstuffs, you do not need to distract yourself by telling me about your son’s football game! That’s why I like the salon de belezza; can’t talk to me if we don’t speak the same language! Plus it’s only $8.

  3. “Hold me.”

    “I can’t. I’m wearing Clawz.”

  4. Those look a little too murdery for me.

  5. I’m at work so I can’t watch the whole video or hear what I can watch but I’m trying to think of a situation in which you would not only allow a man to move his hand like that with sharp claws attached to the end but you would allow him to do it right beside your head (which is ARGUABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BODY) AND you would let him do it blindfolded but I can’t think of any reason other than this is just a dream and I’m not actually at work.

  6. There are so many reasons why No to this. The least one…did he shove the comb down his waistband?

  7. Who are these people buying this? Don’t people understand that if you buy this crap it only encourages more crap in the future? I am still waiting for the movie going public to realize this. And the music listening public. And the tv watching public.

  8. Has somebody informed him that mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it?

  9. I’m going to reserve judgement until I see her hair styled and blow-dried.

  10. “As you can see, it sucks as it cuts.”

  11. Do I frighten you…Do you want me to?


  13. There’s only room for 1 IRL Edward Scissorhands.

  14. What’s the over/under on the number of times he has watched Edward Scissorhands in his lifetime?

  15. Why would I buy this when I have a perfectly good box of feral cats in my backyard?

  16. This is exactly the kind of inspiration one wants when inventing something: a series of movies of varying quality about the adventures of a murderous pedophile with severe skin issues.

  17. OK. All obvious creepiness and potential danger aside, it didn’t even look like the thing WORKED. She shoulda had a pile of trimmed-off locks all over that cape and there was nothing there. At least the Flowbee seemed to do its job.

  18. i have always wanted to get a haircut from vlado

  19. Looks like that dude Clawz his own hair too.

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