What? Cold? Winter? Wait. (Via DayTerror.)

PS: Favorite part from 0:21 to 0:23.

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  1. yes those 55 degree days can be very dangerous in north florida.

    • “More Hospitalizations in Annual Winter Wet T-shirt Contest.”

    • 55 degrees IS pretty dangerous for a snowman. Especially one in a scarf, which you’d honestly think would not be in the snowman’s best interests.

    • In the snowman and computer animated Beef Wellington’s defense, it actually snows in Tallahassee from time to time. On average it does in fact get down to freezing or below on a pretty regular basis there. Especially compared to what Mr. See Through Shorts is used to in Miami.

      But yes, I agree, the rest of us are total wimps. I decided it was too cold to go jogging the other morning because it was 49/50 degrees.

  2. The best part of being from MN is the smug derision at southern states’ cold weather confusion. That, and Prince.

  3. Those shorts are our generation’s Hypercolor t-shirt.

  4. I knew I recognized that snowman’s signal from somewhere…

  5. Disney is currently in talks to acquire the amazing output of the FSU computer animation department…

  6. Jimmy inherited his invisibility swim trunks from his father.

  7. For me, a very close second to 0:21-0:23 is the totally necessary extra syllable included around 0:06-0:09.

  8. Floriduh

  9. That snowman is such a bitch.

  10. Is this how Pixar got started?

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