• Jeremy Renner’s male make-up is “Bonne Belle beautiful.” -Disted
  • A complete list of last night’s SAG Award Winners – congrats! -Variety
  • Highlights from the SAG Red Carpet. Hot stuff. -OhNoTheyDidnt
  • Did Bill Cosby Used To Be A Hottie? (Hint: Yes.) -BuzzFeed
  • Cory & Topanga go on a perfect Cory & Topanga date. -FuckYeah1990s
  • This “Concerning Hobbits” & Kanye West mashup is so dope. -LiteraryNerd
  • Burt Reynolds was very sick but now he’s a little bit better. -PerezHilton
  • DOLLHOUSE DOWNTON! -YouTube (thanks for the tip, lizz!)
  • 18 Things That Actually Exist (for some reason) -PleatedJeans
  • Drew Barrymore waxes poetic about Barrymore Wine & Mario Batali makes food to go with it. -TheChew
  • Anderson Cooper sings “Happy Birthday” not once but TWICE when he washes his hands. No flu for him! -PerezHilton
  • Remembering André the Giant, who passed away 20 years ago this week at the age of 43. #MissUAndre -Deadspin
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  1. Of course Bill Cosby was a hottie! He was on TV. They don’t put ugly people on TV.

  2. Andre’s been dead twenty years? Inconceivable! (Seriously, very sad.)

  3. I am at work and cannot use sound on my computer, so I am just going to assume the Kanye/concerning Hobbits mashup is a mashup of a Kanye West beat and Gary Busey talking about Hobbits and their wide underwear and apparatuses and cockroach hairpieces so they feel like they are giving back to nature god that video is my favorite thing.

  4. whoa Jeremy good luck on your RuPaul’s Drag Race audition!

  5. First Gwyneth, now Drew – is Mario Batali literally incapable of saying no to a pretty face?

  6. Does anyone else have a moral problem with people on blogs taking the Getty images and posting them with the trademark stamp so they don’t have to pay? I get that sites are free to view and have small budgets, but for fuck’s sake, that’s seriously stealing images and diminishing professional photographer’s livelihood. I’m not going to get into my Pintarest rant, but that is some serious talent infringement. If you’re going to use professional-grade images, pay for them and opt for a cheaper service or give the photos some credit. Journalism and photography are already dying fields… this kind of shit just makes it so much worse.

  7. The Dollshouse Downton video almost makes up for all the tears I cried last night. Almost.

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