The only reason that kid wasn’t hoisted onto the crowd’s shoulders and carried through town in a day-long parade like a goddamned king is because there wasn’t anyone there. Otherwise, though, like, if they had been? Uh, all hail this kid for sure. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. He didn’t even dribble. WALK!!!!

  2. Damn, the Lakers should scoop this kid up! #sportsburn

  3. “Hey dad, what did you name that video that you took of me?”

    “I called it Basketball Fail, son.”

    • …10 years pass…

      “Hello son. So what are you calling this latest….’piece’?”

      [lifts decapitated bird body with Larry Bird action figure head stapled to the neck and gazes at it longingly] “Fatherhood Fail”

      *and the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon…*

    • I am laughing out loud at this comment and will probably show it to my fiance later.

  4. That kid is NEVER gonna play football for Notre Dame.

  5. True fact: I am good at basketball and made the all stars up to high school every year. I stopped playing in High School so I could swim – couldn’t do both.

  6. This works pretty well as a metaphor for my life.

  7. Nice shot, Haverford.

  8. Before this became a basketball fail, it was a running fail. That is a seriously indoor kid (takes one to know one).

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