• An old pic of John Travolta doing something (I have no idea what) was going around yesterday, and someone smartly photoshopped Progresso soup can phones into his hands! Oh, Internet. Of course you did. See the original here too. -Burbanked
  • John Daly and Nick Kroll ARE Rich Dicks headed to Mexico looking for drugs in Kroll Show‘s “The Last Of Our Stash” -KrollShow
  • ’38 Things I Learned At Sundance’ is a highly amusing and informative photo list by the very funny Matt Stopera -BuzzFeed
  • “America’s Best Ghost Costumes are out to spook the competition.” -TheOnion
  • Nick Offerman Reads More Tweets From Young Female Celebrities -HuffPostComedy
  • This is just a very sweet picture of Amy Poehler and Adam Scott at Sundance. -SuicideBlonde
  • Anderson Cooper sat down with John Kennedy Schlossberg (aka “Jack,” grandson of our late president) at the Inauguration to talk about his view on the day. NO I DID NOT JUST GOOGLE HIM TO FIND OUT HOW OLD HE IS BECAUSE HE LOOKS JUST LIKE JOHN JR., HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME? -KennedyLegacy


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  1. I was talking to my friend about John Travlota being gay the other day. He moved to NYC in the mid-70s and said (in a very southern accent): Everyone used to see John out [at gay bars] but then he got that part on Welcome Back Kotter and he just disappeared.” So there you have it!

  2. Adam Scott is dressed like the Brawny Paper Towel Man. And I like it.

  3. Isn’t Travolta doing one of those Scientology e-meter tests? I used to see lots of people doing this outside the Old Navy on Market St. in San Francisco.

    Funny story about that, actually: I was teaching ESL at the time, and a lot of students would have no idea what that was all about, and end up taking the test and getting creeped out. One of my Turkish students started talking to them, and they were really trying to convince him to buy a copy of Dianetics (spelling? I don’t want to google it). He was trying to be a wise ass and said, “If you have a copy in Turkish, then sure,” thinking there’d be no chance. Without skipping a beat, the Scientology guy reached under the table and pulled out a Turkish copy. So the student laughed and bought it and threw it in the trash.

    TL:DR… Dianetics is obviously translated into Turkish.


  5. There was a lady I worked with a while back who loved the Kennedy family. A lot. She had hundreds of books about them. But she was from Massachusetts and was Catholic, so I guess it made sense. But I remember she brought them up way more frequently that I would expect. At the end of the summer when my job was over, she gave me advice on how I should live based off how JFK had lived his life by putting God and family first. She was a nice person, but that was one of the more awkward moments of my life.

    • I went to the JFK birthplace a while ago, because I’m a nerd for history. On the tour you listened to an old recording of JFK’s mom talking about the house and all her memories and whatever. We were in the very first room when the friend that I was with whispered to me that elderly Rose Kennedy sounded like Salad Fingers, and she did indeed. It made the tour a lot more fun to imagine Salad Fingers tucking the Kennedy boys into bed at night, and imagining Salad Fingers beaming with pride when his beloved son was elected President.

      This doesn’t have much to do with your story, but I like to tell this story whenever the Kennedys are brought up because I am a master storyteller.

      • That is an excellent story, masterfully told, but now I am thinking about Salad Fingers and feeling creeped out. But is is funny to imagine a family portrait with all of the Kennedy family and then Salad Fingers. Was his birthplace interesting? I am all about some historical tourism.

        • I’m obsessed with the Kennedys too. Now you know my secret.

        • Yeah, it was great! And I think when I went (years ago) it was only $5?

          I also love historical tourism! I can’t wait until I’m an old retired person and I can give and take historical walking tours all the live-long day!!

          • That is my dream too! The best historical tourism I’ve done was when I went to London in college. It was a week filled with lots of museum tours, and it was awesome. The Tower of London was my favorite, but everywhere we went was really interesting. Whenever I am planning a trip, I always check out what kind of cool museums/historical sights are in that area. I am glad I am not alone!

          • http://youtu.be/pAyKJAtDNCw

            I feel pretty bad for my friends when we go on vacation because they for the most part do NOT like history, and they’re always like, “Let’s to to the beach” or “Let’s go shopping” and I’m like, “Let’s go to the building that was the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire which is not open to the public so we just have to stand outside on the sidewalk (where people died!) and look at a plaque and take pictures of me with the plaque!”

            I am LOTS of fun.

          • Why does the reply button keep disappearing? Anyway, I read a really good book a couple of years ago about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire called Flesh and Blood So Cheap by Albert Marrin. It’s geared towards a younger audience, but it does a great job of explaining how it happened and what could have been done to prevent it. At the end, it talks about sweatshops in Bangladesh that have almost identical conditions which is terrifying and sad. Anyway, I would have done the same thing.
            One of my best friends was a history major in college, so I can pretty much always count on her wanting to see the same historical sights as me. We are planning to go see an exhibit on the Titanic and then going to the state history museum. We are super cool people.

          • HISTORY FRIENDZ, U GUYZ. Let’s start a club!


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