“Whaddamy doin’ wrong, Brian?” And with that simple question, television was changed FOREVER. JUST KIDDING. The first time characters on The Office interacted with the documentary crew that has been filming them every day for the past 100 years (I imagine, in the realm of The Office, what they are filming is the creator of How It’s Made‘s answer to The Hills) was at the very beginning of the season when Jim and Pam ask, after an interview, why they are still filming them. (Someone responds that everyone wants to know where Jim and Pam end up.) Because of that, this on-screen appearance wasn’t entirely shocking, or at least not as shocking as it would have been in past seasons. But it was still very strange! WHY IS BRIAN SO HANDSOME? Despite being odd and feeling a bit forced (is this really the worst things have gotten, the only moment Mr. Handsome would’ve wanted to step in and stop filming and check out if everyone was ok?), I think the scene was still good. Pam was due for a breaking-down, working full time and raising a baby with her selfish asshole husband gone all the time, and it sets something up. Haha. End of sentence. It seems like something is going to happen, and that is exciting! Moving on, some of you might have heard already that Fox has taken Ben and Kate off of its schedule and has no plans right now (though I imagine it will at some point) to air the final six episodes. That really sucks! That show was totally good enough and so much better than The Mindy Project! Jesus Christ! I can hardly believe how shitty The Mindy Project is, you guys! IS SHE A STRONG, INDEPENDANT WOMAN OR ISN’T SHE? (SHE ISN’T!) (SHE IS ONLY A NIGHTMARE!) Nothing on that show ever happens for a reason, which I know reads hyperbolic, but I genuinely think that is true. Even the moments between Mindy and the other doctor that seem to hint at a sexual tension or the possibility of a future romance seem to only be there because for a sitcom that kind of thing needs to be there, sometimes. It seems like Mindy is quickly burning through all of the romantic comedy/sitcom tropes she knows with no particular plan behind any of it, or memory of what she has done in the past or how her characters would act — the show is wildly inconsistent at best and just incoherently bonkers at worst. Also: Why do they keep trying to tell us that Mindy is constantly working and never has time for a private life? (Let’s take a jump.)

She never works! We have never seen a hint of her working, we have only seen her go on dates and exercise and go to dinner and go shopping and be in her apartment and hang out with buddies and bother her coworkers about getting the life advice that, in the previous scene, she didn’t seem to need. It’s fine if you’ve decided that you don’t want your doctor show to ever show the doctors being doctors because that is not as fun, but first of all maybe don’t make them doctors then, and second of all at least don’t TELL us that Mindy is working so hard when clearly she is not working so hard. Ugh. Not a good show! REMOVE THAT ONE BRING BACK BEN&KATE #2013! New Girl is wonderful. Talk about a show that knows how to build up a friendship that you know is probably going to end up in a romantic relationship! Despite the fact that Schmidt would definitely never let his toenails get gross and I’m not sure why they chose that as his pogo and also Jess has never been much of a know it all, I enjoyed this episode very much. “I’m from Chicago. Thin crust pizza? No thanks. I’m from Chicago,” was very good. Also it was very good how Nick’s pogo was that they’re all just worried about him. Sweet, honest. (“Writers don’t read. We write.”) This show is very enjoyable. Good work. You know what else was good this week? Girls! I dont’ think I’ve ever enjoyed an episode of Girls as much as I enjoyed this week’s episode. Jessa is so great, it was nice to see her again. I loved with Donald Glover yelled at Hannah to get out, because YES PLEASE, PLEASE GET OUT, but it was upsetting that the only reason they added a (handsome, famous) black man to the cast for two seconds was only so they could focus on the fact that he was black and Hannah’s relationship with his blackness and then have him go away. Not really the answer people pointing out the lack of diversity on the show really wanted, I don’t think. Moving on again because man this has gone long this week, 30 Rock was good! Goodbye, TGS! I hope none of you cried, I saw some people on Twitter saying that they cried and you guys all need to relax! Parks and Recreation was great. Portlandia was good. Now you say something!

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  1. Um the sound guy on the office…um YUMSVILLE

  2. I missed all of the comedy this week. I have nothing to contribute here, I just wanted to feel like I was part of the group. :(

    • Ug, me too. I was at a play last night and just now I thought maybe I’d missed the last ever episode of 30 Rock. AND I PANICKED.

  3. The last scene in Archer with “Can we have the radio?”. Just perfect. Well that and acoustic Kenny Loggins ringtone…

  4. Observations:

    • 1) Ike Barinholtz is the only thing enjoyable about the Mindy Project; between his role on East Bound and Down and his demented nurse character, he’s giving Andy Daly a run for the title of best ex Mad TV cast member. (Note: It’s a miracle there are even two people in the running.)

      • 2) Sound Guy Brian thought it important to stop filming when Pam cried; not when Dwight was helping plot a murder or, say, when Michael Scott threatened to jump off a fucking building.

        I still think The Office has flashes of humor left, but it’s good it’s saying goodbye.

  5. The Donald Glover yelling at Hannah scene was great, but I hated most everything else about that episode. I think because in the first episode it seemed like Hannah was showing some signs of growth, but then this episode all that went away in epic fashion without any real explanation. They need to give her being awful SOME context, Lena Dunham can’t just fall back on Hannah’s awful because she’s awful much longer. I also agree with Kelly’s point about how seemingly the only reason Donald Glover was on the show for 3 scenes was because of his blackness, but maybe that was Lena Dunham saying “fuck you” to all the criticism, which if thats the case it was poorly handled (although I respect that to a degree, because the amount of shit slinging scrutiny Girls has gotten for the race thing is a bit extreme). Also I just like Donald Glover when he isn’t Childish Gambino so I don’t want to see him go.

    Parks and Rec I loved, although it was a bit heavy on the cheese at some points, but not in the most cringeworthy way so I was ok with it. I really like that they didn’t just put the reporter and Chris together and magically fix all of Chris’s problems, and Andy pushing the kids so he could make it to the basket really had me cracking up.

    • I mean, Donald’s got to come back, right? Unrelated, his character’s name is Sandy, and Marnie’s going to work at “The Hurricane Club.” Is Lena Dunham a witch? But back to Girls, the visual of Chris O’Dowd in The Thinker pose while wearing a fedora is so perfect that I was fine with Jessa with not really having a point.

  6. “I do admire Wonka. He’s a true capitalist. His factory has zero government regulations, slave labor, and an indoor boat. Wonderful.”

    I will miss the hell out of 30 Rock.

  7. Anyone watching 1600 Penn? It’s getting better. “…not the new Navy…”

  8. Since this is an open thread I just want to ask if yogurt face man (?) is going to be at the very top of the Vgum right bar for ALL of 2013 because that still, like the video, is 100% completely terrifying and the stuff of nightmares and I would prefer not to ever have my eyes have to witness it ever, ever again. So I’m just asking, do I need to try to avoid Videogum for ALL of 2013 or is there perhaps another thumbnail involving, say, a puppy or a kitty or a cute kid reaction? Or do I need to minimize my window and NEVER scroll to the right because right there, yogurt face man (?) will be waiting. I just want to know what I’m in for, because it’s looking like he (?) is going to be waiting for me. All the time. Can someone please help.

  9. The comedy was good this week (mostly)!

    New Girl was very funny. I like the Nick/Jess part more than the pogo part. I thought Zooey was particularly good this week (“I have a deaf grocer. APRICOTS! And… butter!”).

    Parks and Rec was really funny too! April being obsessed with garbage was perfect. Ann being awkward with the kids was also great.

    Sadly I am starting to have concerns about my beloved Cougar Town. The first episode of the season was promising, but the last two have not been great. This week especially it seems like they are taking the skeleton of what they think a Cougar Town episode is supposed to be like, and then filling it with broad, unfunny/gross jokes (like Ellie pretending to eat Grayson’s imaginary balls; vom!). Also: Jules would NEVER have sex with Grayson on the hood of a car in full view of the neighbors! And it’s kind of shitty that they’re having Laurie talk to Travis about her relationship with Wade constantly even though she knows how Travis feels about her. Lame!

  10. I haven’t been watching the NBC Thursday shows since their return from the holidays. I’m not sure what that says about me. I used to watch every week but for some reason I can’t work up the interest to return to them. I did enjoy Enlightened and Kroll Show this week. (But where was Jenny Slate? Hopefully making her own show or entire cable network of shows.)

  11. I call bullshit. If your eyeballs weren’t a little moist when Kenneth got that job, you heart is made of stone.

    • I cried so much during this week’s 30 rock!!! I cried when Kenneth got the job, when everyone quit the show for Liz, and OF COURSE when they got their kids because my brain went “her whole life has been leading to this!” and I just cried a lot! Of COURSE

    • Oy. I seem to resent it when 30 Rock plot points turn on anything “important.” Didn’t like the wedding, didn’t like Kenneth magically becoming president of NBC, didn’t like that the adopted kids are mini-Jenna and Tracey. For some reason my “but that…wouldn’t….happen…” reflex kicks in.

      I know, the whole show is intentionally ridiculous, but I guess I like my sillyness more abstracted away from real life.

      But, everybody is positively raving about the episode oven on AVClub, so I guess I’m out of step with the general consensus.

  12. Loved Archer’s el camino full of rampage.

  13. I laughed when Ron said “I Love Nothing!” and ran away but isn’t it more likely that he wouldn’t be ashamed of his love but would treat it more special and private? I mean, Duke Silver knows how to love a woman, amirite??

  14. 30 Rock was very good. Loved the Willie Wonka costumes. The cast finally stepping up was very sweet. I might cry next week, or at least be seriously bummed. Which is how I feel about no more Ben and Kate. It was a sweet show that I always liked watching, and it is a shame it never got much of an audience.

    Parks and Rec was very good. I always like when they have stories with Ron and Ann. April’s gift to Leslie was the best.

    The Office was okay. I liked the quest for the holy grail at the beginning a lot. The rest was meh, except for sound guy Brian. I am a little confused about why they would have Jim be so mean to Pam. I get that he never really cared about work in Dunder Mifflin and everything was fine, so now that he ‘s heavily invested in something that isn’t working out perfectly, he’s stressed out and would take it out on her. Makes sense. BUT I don’t know if they are just showing that Jim is not the carefree joker all the time or if they are building up to something major. It’s not like his reactions was unbelievable, but I am not sure why they are just showing this side now. I don’t know. Maybe they just wanted a reason to show the hot sound guy. And that’s okay with me.

    • I agree about the Jim and Pam argument at the end. Normal couples would have definitely had that argument but Jim has shown nothing but love and adoration for Pam throughout the entire series and that scene just seemed really out of place and weird. I always imagined this “Philly” scenario would end up causing some strain and drama on their relationship, but that was just way too out of character. I can only make the assumption that they had to amp it up a little because they needed to progress the story faster before the end of the series. What if Brian the sound guy has fallen for Pam? Also, it’s getting super obvious that Pete and Erin are the new Jim and Pam. Andy is the new Roy and has quickly become my least favorite character on the show. They’ve made it clear that the documentary crew stuck around to follow Jim and Pam so it only makes sense that they move on to a new subject since things have gotten “boring” with regards to their relationship. I can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna cry no matter how it ends…

      • Yeah, it was definitely jarring. I can’t think of another time when Jim got so angry. What made it even worse was Pam trying to play it off and laugh about it, and Jim not entertaining her for a second. My heart broke for her! Jim has not been very considerate throughout this whole Philly storyline, between not telling her about it in the first place and then not telling her they’d be moving to Philadelphia. It almost seems like they want to throw in a dramatic storyline like infidelity, divorce or separation. If they did that, it would make me angry because it would not fit in to the history of the characters and seems like a plot twist for plot twist sake.
        When Andy was first introduced, he was insufferable, but in a fun way. I’ve liked him up until this season, when his character took a bizarre turn and became a spiteful jerk. I am glad he hasn’t been in very many episodes this season because ugh.
        That said, I am very interested to see how they wrap things up. I’ve watched The Office consistently since the beginning, and while it’s definitely had its ups and downs, I’ve enjoyed it. I just miss Michael Scott.

        • I think it’s interesting though because Jim has always been Pam’s doormat in a way. She led him on for years and used him to make her feel better about herself when she was so unhappy with Roy. He has done nothing but support her every decision and rally behind her when she wanted to accomplish something (they even referenced her love for his “Beasley!” reaction) I think she has forgotten that she up and left for art school to attempt to follow her dream. Up until recently, Jim’s only real dream was to be with Pam. I think that’s why his new obsession with this job is a little jarring. I can’t see them ending the series with them breaking up so the only logical option is that they officially move to Philly. I would be pretty depressed if they ended the series with him losing his dream job and returning to DM for the finale. So depressing!

  15. Also, greatest ever:

  16. My main take away from last night’s comedy? I miss bearded Andy Dwyer!

  17. Ben and Kate is a good show and TV execs are dumb jerks.

  18. I’m gonna miss Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23. Just like Ben and Kate, it was really starting to find it’s footing…

    • Agreed! I did not like some of the episodes that were leftovers from the first season as much, but the new ones were so good! Chloe is such a fun character, and I really liked the dynamics that she and June had. James Van Der Beek was just fantastic week after week.

    • I loved it from the beginning and I have it on good authority that people very high up were trying to save it. When I found out it was dead I felt like someone killed my friend. My amazing, psychopath friend that let me hang out with Dawson as was totally okay if I drank too much and threw up on her shoes. “Hahaha, I stole those shoes from Dawson’s old girlfriend,” she’d say. Sigh.

  19. I just got so depressed watching 30 Rock, thinking that there was only one episode left! One episode!! That just bums me out real hard. But I pretty much loved this episode to pieces! I didn’t cry, but I definitely was having EMOTIONS throughout.

    I am also super duper bummed about Ben & Kate. That show is adorable and actually makes me laugh more consistently than The Office has in a while. RIP.

    The Office…I don’t know. I think it’s a little too late in the game to be introducing documentarians. It was jarring and weird. But I did think that the Jim/Pam fight was interesting. It seemed like a real fight that a real couple in that situation would have. But I agree with above comments that it seems a little strange since we’ve pretty much never seen Jim get mad at Pam for anything (that I can think of.)

  20. So many thoughts, so many great shows..Golden age, it sure is!

    I loved 30 Rock, could have easily been a finale and worked. I too teared up a little in the scene with Kenneth and Jack (although someone elsewhere pointed out that the one time Kenneth did create a show, it was a huge failure. Remember “Gold Case”?) When the Iranian Homonym scenestarted, my wife and I started laughing so much, we could barely hear the next minute or so.

    The Office, I thought, was good. I wasn’t thrown by the last few minutes because it made sense within the storyline of the series. This is the season when the doc crew steps out. It’s only surprising it hasn’t been more prominent yet. I felt so bad for Pam that she couldn’t share her good news with Jim. I agree with the rest of the sentiment around here that I, surprisingly, don’t miss Andy. But I think he’s coming back next or at least very soon.

    Parks was great, nice to be in City Hall again. Ben & Kate I really did enjoy and will miss. I feel like it worked with New Girl, which was brilliant as always. One of my favorite Girls episodes. “You called the PO-PO?”

    Anyone else see the finale of Last Resort? (I know it’s not a comedy, forgive me.) What a blast that show was. Sure it was kind of a mess, but it was fun. It was a wonderful addition to the sub-genre of Action/Adventure/Submarine TV shows and movies. Probably could have had a couple seasons if it was on another network.

  21. i didn’t realize it was timothy olyphant on this week’s archer til like halfway through and i felt like a real dummy.

  22. We did get to see Mindy be a doctor once when she tried to turn away that poor woman with no insurance. #neverforget

    The problem with Mindy Project is the same problem that ruined her terrible, terrible book. She wants to do a Liz Lemon/Tina Fey awkward mess thing, but needs to constantly remind us that no, actually she is very hot, successful, and sought after. i.e. “I eat candy in bed and wake up with melted Junior Mints on my face!!! But it’s ok because there’s a sexy guy next to me who likes eating melted Junior Mints off my face and plus I JUST finished a juice cleanse and people have actually been saying I look TOO skinny.”

    She has created this fantasy world for herself in Mindy Project where literally every male character wants to have sex with her and she is sooooo not into it until the end of the episode when she toootally is because there’s nowhere else to go. Remember that CRAZY monologue by the doctor we’re supposed to want her to be with, Danny Castellano (great name, perfect fit) about “REAL MEN”. It’s like it was pulled directly from her middle school diary/Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me.

    Also I’m pretty sure that all of her writers are men, which makes perfect sense for her, but is so maddening. I bet she refers to her writers as “my boys”.


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