Women be tearing each other to pieces over the last pink bra:

Hey, wait, what about that whole thing where in Europe sex on TV is fine but violence is bad, and in America it’s the opposite? Either this (certainly online only?) ad is truly transgressive, or there goes the only thing I knew about European TV tastes. Mythbusting! (Via Copyranter.)

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  1. I mean, I don’t think the arm would come off thaaaaaat easily…

    • You’ve clearly never had to fight for something you love.

      I’ve heard about mom’s lifting trucks to save their child, man. I can see a world where women rip off arms for really great lingerie.

  2. ”The value of the depiction of women in the media has increased over the years, women are no longer considered materilistic bitches”

  3. Hahaha, oh women. You so crazy.

  4. It is comedic violence not realistic violence. Just how in America sex is okay if it is comedic. Myth unbusted. You’re welcome.

    • Yeah I have to agree with Zzyzx. This myth is definitely plausible. I’ve talked it over with Adam and Jamie and they agree with our findings.

  5. that doesn’t look like a real commercial to me at all, but what do I know.

  6. “Dude! What the fuck is wrong with German people!”

  7. yeah, you don’t even want to see german viagra commercials.

  8. i live in switzerland, but all we watch is german tv. although i haven’t seen this specific ad on tv, it would definitely not be too unlikely. maybe not before 8 pm. i mean it clearly is comedic violence! would this not be possible in the us?

  9. WOAH. I wonder if the creators of this are guys or girls. Personally, I vote for guys, because I think this plays off on what the guys think of women (crazy chicks who will fight for things that are clearly not a big deal, like clothes), and also on what guys wish to see women do. Who doesn’t love a crazy bitch fight? But I gotta say, a smart move on combining sex & violence together.

    Oh yeah, this also reminds me of Sasha Fierce’s new movie. Scary.

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