You could spend all day trying to come up with useless stuff to throw in after this video to justify your job writing a website like “We’re gonna need a droppeder mic!” and “Fuck James 2013″ or “that could use a little work or something” (not making fun, just useful criticism) but really all there is to say is that Froggy Fresh is the best. He’s always full of fun and surprises, just like Abe Lincoln!

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  1. and just like Froggy Fresh, Abe Lincoln has a strong appreciation for hip hop culture.

  2. I heard Abe Lincoln’s dog liked to hump pillows too.

  3. I bet this is the first rap song EVER to discuss crows eating all our veggies.

  4. I bet James sent those crows to steal the corn.

  5. Say what you want, but this guy speaks to a certain jeunesse. (Cha CHING)

  6. Have you guys been listening to Harmontown? If you like quality freestyle rapping like this, you should definitely be listening to Harmontown.

  7. That could use a little work or something.

    In all seriousness though. This kid kills the rap game. In fact. Before Krispy Fresh I didn’t even know that there was a rap game. I thought it was just rap. Froggy Kreme (gross) turned it into a game, and then killed it.

  8. Nailed it.
    There was literally nothing wrong with this freestyle.
    Like a young Wesley Willis.

  9. I thought it was p. good, p. good!

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