• Jennifer Lawrence circa 2005 #LooksJustLike Justin Timberlake circa 1997! DO YOU SEE IT? Aaah! Top Ramen! -BuzzFeed
  • 5 Classic Movie Moments That Weren’t In The Script -TheWeek
  • Mad Men Season 6 will be “all about Don.” When is it ever NOT all about Don? -Gothamist (thanks for the tip, Gideon!)
  • Which celebrity has more Twitter followers? Jimmy Kimmel Live always asks the important questions. -TastefullyOffensive
  • Justice League Will Be Composed Of Five Core Characters. Let us tell you who they are! -/Film
  • This is just a 4-minute supercut of human beings being awesome and jumping really high and stuff. -HyperVocal
  • Rachael Ray’s husband John Cusimano is denying membership in a high class swingers club. Looks like everyone is going home disappointed tonight! Also why were we talking about this again? -Dlisted
  • If you try to wear a Princess Bride shirt on an airplane, this is what will happen to you. Either they will kick you off the plane, or make you change into a different shirt. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. -FilmDrunk


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  1. I need to get one of those Princess Bride tshirts. Until then, whenever I have to wear a lame name tag, I’m writing that line in.

  2. wow jennifer lawrence looks so different from like 3 years ago!


    1) This is highly damning of how MUCH DC insists Aquaman IS cool.

    2) It is a downright slap in the face to Martian Manhunter, seeing as he’s always been the not-as-popular-but-still-essential glue of the JLA from all the way back to their first appearance back in 1960.

    • It is also just rather boring. Couldn’t they include one of the different, interesting heroes who have served in the JLA?

    • Think about it for a sec: Justice League is supposed to be like The Avengers. The end result did not shy away from Hawkeye’s inclusion. He’s right up in there with his arrows and everything.

      Now, I know the DC comparison to Hawkeye is Green Arrow, and he’s not going to be in the film either, but I would argue the comparison is apt, because when you have super-powered people like Superman or Thor running around in their capes, they make anyone else with, say, the power of a really good archer, or conversational skills with sea life, look a whole lot sillier, but they should be included.

      Plus, Martian Manhunter is from Mars. Doctor Manhattan ran around Mars. John Carter is from there. They need Moms– OH! Wait. I forgot how Mars = Box Office Poison. Sorry, Manhunter. You’re screwed.

  4. I have the inside scoop that next season Dexter will be all about killing people.

    • I am concerned that this means it will be more about Don than usual… The show is at its best when Peggy has as much screen time as Don.. I hope the writers at least realize that his infidelity is no longer narratively interesting.

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