One thing you hear a lot is that people who ignore herstory are doomed to repeat it, but the inverse is also true sometimes. People who ignore herstory can also be doomed not to repeat it, when maybe they should be repeating it! A lot of times, in the rush and tumble of progress, we leave behind perfectly good ideas. To use a fitting analogy, you’re not supposed to throw the baby out with the bath water, but sometimes you are in a hurry because the movie is about to start and you can’t just leave the house with all that bath water in there, so later, with your new baby, you should remember to put it in a cage so that the water can get through the bars of the cage and they can breathe the fresh street air. (Those who ignore analogies are doomed to make GREAT ANALOGY, GABE!) In conclusion, Baby Cage. Class dismissed.

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  1. Can we start a petition to the White House that all reporters need to talk like this again?

  2. This is the opposite of attachment parenting. Shoving-your-baby-out-the-window parenting. Sign me up.

  3. Have we watched videos on this YouTube channel before? I watch this channel all the time. Brits+Inventions(Contraptions)=Point!

  4. Fast-forward 20 years.

  5. The Baby Cage still exists, it has just evolved somewhat:

  6. I was about to make a Tears in Heaven joke, and then I realized it’s always too soon to make light of some things, and I was ashamed. Honestly, though, my first reaction was retroactive fear for these children’s lives. That thing does not look sturdy.

  7. I loved the M. Night Shyamalanian twist: “She actually knew about it the whole time!”

  8. I was interested in when the video was from so I looked up the Pathé archive and discovered that it was 1953 but got distracted when I found this 1949 even scarier baby cage video: THIS MAY BE THE MOST TERRIFYING BABY IN A ZOO CAGE ON THE SIDE OF BUILDING VIDEO EVER!!!

  9. GUYS! Don’t search images for Baby Cage! It’s terrible!

  10. My friends and siblings with kids are raising those kids using vast TVs that play Pixar movies on repeat all day, Xboxes, and iPad games geared for toddlers. And those are my deprived friends! I can’t even imagine anyone in America today being happy with “Well, we have a window onto a grim street, and we rigged it so you can sit.” But seriously, why not?

  11. Let’s make a cage like that for cats then sit back and watch the money roll in.

  12. “Despite all my rage, I am still just a baby in a cage” – Billy Corgan

  13. I’ve been searching for the perfect way to let my indoor cat get some sunshine, thanks Limey!

  14. Okay these comments are legitimately killing me. LOL YOU GUYS.

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