One question I never really have a good answer for when people ask, and they always do, for whatever reason this seems like a question that I’ve been asked many times by people (generally people I am related to) (generally I only talk to four close friends and the people I’m related to) who are trying to fill up some sort of silence, or trying to get to know something about me before I go back to New York after the holidays, and I’ve totally lost the thread of this sentence, but the question is: “Where do you want to travel to the most?” Or some sort of phrasing of that question that is more like how actual humans talk. People definitely have good and interesting answers for this (and, again, I do want to point out that by “people” I don’t mean actual “people,” I do mean Rory Gilmore when her grandpa asked her that one time on Gilmore Girls), but I always say, “Duuuh, i dunno, anywhere?” Partly because that is true, I would like to go anywhere, literally put me on a bus to New Jersey IDGAF, (just kidding) (NOT NEW JERSEY), but mostly because I just have never really put together a list. Paris? A beach that’s nice? I don’t know, Spain somewhere? But now, thanks to this wonderful video from Scotland’s VisitScotland tourism organization, I have my answer. (Scotland.)

SAY NO MORE, SCOTLAND, WE’RE ON OUR WAY! (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. OK I just booked my flight to Scotland and if these guys aren’t waiting for me at the airport then somebody’s getting sued.

    • I am going to step off the plane and announce to the first official-looking person I see that “I am here to see the ponies. The ones in sweaters. Bring me to them.” And I will stare at them, without blinking, until they obey.

  2. I’m sitting in Scotland right now and somehow a video of horses on an American website is the most teuchter thing I’ve seen all day. Yeah you’ve gone and looked up the word such is the power of being completely incomprehensible to the rest of the world

  3. I’ve been to Scotland. It’s exactly like this until the ponies hit the pubs. Then it’s fookin mayhem.

  4. I actually may be going to Scotland this year. Not necessarily because it’s where I want to go more than anywhere else, but because a friend is planning a trip and golf is kind of “my thing” (also: beer and posting internet comments while at work). I’m still on the fence, but I’m pretty sure horses in sweaters has put me one step closer to pulling the trigger.

  5. Manespotting

  6. Guys, I went to Scotland six months ago and there were no ponies wearing sweaters, so i feel like maybe this is just a scheme. Or a new thing. Could just be a new thing over there


  8. Shetland ponies are super emo.

  9. If they got these ponies to play the bagpipes, I would move to Scotland.

  10. Our main draw to Scotland is that it is the ancestral homeland of our dog. I bought my wife this silly movie for christmas – apparently Greyfriars Bobby was a real dog that saved a town by acting cute or something, we’re still not sure. But I did get a lot of mileage out of insisting that he was named “boobie,” so it was totally worth it.

    • Does that cute little Cairn die at the end? If so I can’t watch. I cried uncontrollably after My Dog Skip.

      • We did not make it to the end! But early on his master dies and he goes to the cemetary every day to lie on top of the grave, that’s pretty sad. Apparently this is really part of the Greyfriars Boobie legend.

  11. I just moved to Scotland – a little bit for work, a little bit for a man, but mostly because lambing season is fast approaching, and I’m pretty sure if I play my cards right I will get to sit in barn under a FLOCK OF FROLICKING LAMBS. The food is mysterious and the language incomprehensible, but damn do the Scots know how to churn out some cute baby animals.

    • I want to move there for the burly, incomprehensible Highlanders. I would mail order myself a be-kilted husband so fast if that were an option…

      • Don’t tell him, but the move was A LOT for a man…the accent and the kilt (and his admission that the kilt can be used as a sex thing WOW) pretty much sealed the deal.

    • Hey chaka khans moms, I’m moving to Scotland this spring, entirely for a man (my husband’s getting transferred). How do you like it there? I’m pretty nervous about it, cause I like the sun and I think I’m really going to miss it.

      • Yeah the lack of sun is a little rough, especially in December when is “rises” at 9 AM and “sets” at 3. But it’s a stunning place, with or without the sun. I spend a lot of time driving/outside for work, and the farther afield you go the more beautiful it gets. And after a while black pudding salad starts to feel normal. I guess my top 3 suggestions for quick assimilation would be:

        1) Buy several pairs of wellies and knee high welly socks so you are always in fashion
        2) Let go of any previous expectations you had regarding your daily consumption of fresh vegetables/things that are not fried (i have seen someone eat a fried…pizza)
        3) Understand that “wee” can mean anything from small and cute (“you’re a wee thing”) to catastrophic (“it’s just a wee drainage problem”)

        I’m outside of Glasgow so if you’re around this area let me know when you get here and we can have a crass American monster meet-up.

        • A meetup would be cool! We will be in the Aberdeen area, but are planning to travel around quite a bit. I’m going to need to be in a city bigger than pop. 200,000 fairly often! My husband has basically been living there for the past year and he really loves it. He says it is so beautiful and its amazing that you can drive for 15 minutes and be completely in the countryside. He’s also a big fan of the highland cows.

          Trust me, I’ve already informed him about the need to purchase lots of wellies and other boots. I realized a few days ago the only boots I have are suede, and those aren’t exactly going to hold up well to the weather.

          I’m pretty nervous about the produce situation. We live in the south and there are beautiful fresh veggies available all year around at the grocery store. I visited my husband around this time last year and there were like 3 green tomatoes and maybe some lettuce at the grocery store. But I’m telling myself that it’ll be a chance to broaden my culinary horizons and learn to cook more seasonally.

  12. Hey, New Jersey’s nice :(

  13. I am late to this party but YES YES YES SWEET JESUS YES

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